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Are you looking for free social media icons sets to brighten up your website?

Still perplexed about finalizing the final layout of the business card?

Too many sites for social media icons but nothing is for free?

Worry no more as we have got you covered here in this blog. We understand that all businesses have different preferences and unique styles to express themselves and their brand.

free social media icons

Finding high-resolution, free, super cool social media icons sets are a task but using the right ones at the right place can add charm to the design. If you think that these social media icons are not of much importance, then you must reconsider the idea. Social media icons are essential because they complement your blog and website ensuring a good impression on viewers.

When discussing design, each minute detail and feature matters because they all unite to give the look that it gets. Therefore, deciding over the right set of social media icons is a task that must be done carefully.

Here are free social media icon sets that you can have a look on and go ahead with designing your masterpiece site or page.

Free social media icons to design website

  1. Dreamstale vector social icons

Get 810 super cool free social media icons for your website! With 9 trendy styles having 90 social media icons pre saved in each of these styles it is a reliable source for social media icons.

free social media icons

Waterdrop, rounded, polygon, rectangular, flower, leaf, grey, rounded corners and glossy themed social media icons are found here. These can be used to improve overall website, blog and web pages too.

The vector social media icons available here are created with adobe illustrator and are saved in Ai, SVG, Eps and transparent PNG file format.

These free social media icons sets can be edited and their colours can be adjusted as per requirement too.

  1. Design modo flat social media icons

This is a pack of 35 free social media icons in PNG and PSD formats for use in projects, commercial and non-commercial purposes.

free social media icons

These are beautiful free social media icons in flat style and square shape that will compliment most of the websites and blogs.

The social media icons have gentle curves in corners that makes them appear formal yet trendy.

  1. Social icons with states by Handsome on Dribble

These are amazing sets of free social media icons that one can use by customizing effects.

free social media icons

It has two different sets apart from the normal square icons namely hover and pressed which can be used in projects as per needs.

It is available in PSD format and is fully scalable and editable too.

  1. Adobe Muse icons

These are a library of 60 free social media icons which can be easily edited and can be used to save time. The social media web font icons can be adjusted according to the needs of the website, blog or project they will be used in.

free social media icons

The icons can be changed, background colours are adjustable and can be resized with just some clicks. You can add the web generated fonts to the folder and work with those for better presentation and look.

  1. Simple flat free social media icons by GraphicsFuel

If you are having a grid based website, then these are just the right icons to use. GraphicsFuel provides these amazing set of free social media icons which are developed using vector shapes and strokes that can be easily edited.

free social media icons

These social media icons are available in PSD and PNG formats and has 20 icons in 114 x 114 sizes. Add them to your freebies collection for better website look.

  1. PSD Flat social icons by Pixeden

It has a set of 16 flat designed free social media icons in PSD format which can be used in projects.

free social media icons

The icons have the latest trending style of shadow that falls long behind the logo making it pop out and look distinctly. You can edit these social media icons and add required icon shapes to it for use.

  1. Social media icon- easy peasy lemon squeezy by The Pink Group

This is one creative site with amazing social media icons for your website. They have designed complete 9 sets of social media icons which will enhance the overall look of the website.

free social media icons

These designs are very unique and each social media icon has 9 variants to choose from. The social media icons are fancy and designed to fit any situation. Moreover, they can be customised easily with art tools and techniques.

  1. Socialico social media icons font pack

It is a complete package of 74 free social media icons combined in a single font. These icon fonts are convenient and easy to edit for web design in sites, page layouts, offline printing and more.

free social media icons

The icons match all keys on the keyboard. For example the lower caps would provide popular social media icons in circle while the uppers caps gives them in pure form without the circle.

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