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Rahul Aggarwal1 year ago

Instagram has not only become a platform for people to follow fashion and lifestyle content or their favorite content creator or celebrity but it has also become a paradise for content that is funny and hilarious. Over the years, as the meme world is taking over the globe, people have started following funniest Instagram accounts even more.

I, too, get my dose of daily comedy entertainment through Instagram by following some of the most funniest accounts and that helps me get through the day when there is too much workload. The meme culture has evolved to an extent where even brands are focusing more on meme marketing. What is a meme? Well it can be an image, video or gif that has a humorous tone and it can be shared over social media platforms.

Other than meme accounts, there are several funny accounts on Instagram that either reflect on the funnier bits of society or showing funny videos of drunk people or simply posting funny comics.

Here are some of the most funniest Instagram accounts


  1. 9GAG (57.7M Followers)

    9GAG - Funniest Instagram Account

    One of the largest meme communities on the internet, 9GAG started as a side project by five college friends in 2008 and then became an Internet phenomenon in a short span of time. It allows users to upload user generated comic content on social media. The company has its own mobile app and website to access the funniest content on the internet. In a way, 9GAG is a platform that spreads meme content instead of creating them, however, their Instagram account is the right place for you to have a laugh.

  2. Epicfunnypage (16.6M Followers)

    Epicfunnypage - Funniest Instagam Account

    Another popular meme account on Instagram, epicfunnypage is a fun account to follow to tickle your funny bone. With over 12000 posts ranging from videos to gifs to images, this account focuses on kids and animals doing funny things.

  3. LADbible (11.6M Followers)

    ladbible - Funniest Instagram Account

    Ladbible is the next meme account that produces shareable entertainment content in the form of video clips, gifs and images that is aimed at the young audience. The account has already posted more than 29000 posts on Instagram and it is currently one of the funniest accounts out there.

  4. Drunk People Doing Things (9.4M Followers)

    drunkpeopledoingthings - Funniest Instagram Accounts

    What happens when drunk people do stupid things? Well, it creates amazingly funny content for all of us. This funny Instagram account has its followers laughing out loud with videos of drunk people acting funny & going out of control from around the world. Needless to say, this account is the life of the party!

  5. Dude With Sign (7.7M Followers)

    dudewithsign - Funniest Instagram Accounts

    Dude with Sign, an idea by Seth Phillips, was started in 2019 and reached 4 million followers in a few months. What’s the account about? Well the idea is that Seth protests on a street with a cardboard and holds it high with something written over it. These protests are simple, silly and spark street reactions with a giggle by anyone walking past him. Some of his funnier and popular statements on his cardboard are “Stop Standing When The Plane Lands”, “Not Every Movie Needs A Sequel”, “Every YouTube Ad Should be Skippable” – a few things that we all think and feel.

  6. Betches (7.7M Followers)

    betches - Funniest Instagram Accounts

    A funny Instagram account that is aimed at a younger female audience where they can relate to the memes being posted about dating, everyday struggles of women and much more. It also keeps adding offers and merchandise for followers to avail.

  7. BuzzFeed (5.8M Followers)

    buzzfeed - Funniest Instagram Accounts

    BuzzFeed, an internet media and entertainment company that is omnipresent on social media, needs no introduction. Their Instagram account is one of the funniest and entertaining accounts that you can come across. With memes, clips and funny gifs they have been truly killing it on Instagram.

  8. Animalsdoingthings (4.8M Followers)

    animalsdoingthings - Funniest Instagram Accounts

    We all love cute animals. And when they are doing funny and cute things, life is even better. That’s why this is the perfect funniest account to follow on Instagram that captures animal related content that makes you laugh out loud.

  9. Girlwithnojob (3M Followers)

    girlwithnojob - Funniest Instagram Accounts

    An account made by Claudia Oshary who is a comedian and an author, girlwithnojob is really a peek into Claudia’s hilarious mind. From memes to her everyday funny thoughts, she shares them all through video clips and pictures making it one of the funniest Instagram Accounts to follow.

  10. Explosmofficial (2M Followers)

    explosmofficial - Funniest Instagram Accounts

    Compared to the rest of the accounts in this list, Explosmofficial doesn’t have a really high number of followers, but I love the content they put out. Created by Rob DenBleyker, Kris Wilson, Dave McElfatrick and Matt Melvin, who create dark and hilarious webcomic strips (by the name Cyanide & Happiness) since 2005 and are my absolute favorites.

The above funniest Instagram accounts are some accounts that I follow to get my daily dose of entertainment on social media. If you have any other favorite funny Instagram accounts in mind that you feel that should make it to this list, do tell us about them in the comments below.

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