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Game streaming software solutions are necessary to reduce complications and improve the quality while gaming online. Arranging for live streaming of online games can be difficult as it involves technical knowledge and right decision making experience.

Not everyone who plays a game on Twitch is a pro at streaming the top tournaments or live games. Therefore, game streaming software are available which would simplify the processes and ensure smooth game streaming.

Game streaming software are well equipped with features and elements that assist in beautifying game streams and enhancing the overall stream experience.

In 2019, these game streaming software solutions are available for free on most sites. In case you are looking for professional tools then paid premium versions are also readily available too.

Here we are listing some useful game streaming software that are available for free. These will help you stream your best gaming moments, live games, top tournaments and get maximum engagement on them.

Top 9 game streaming software solutions

  1. Open Broadcaster software- OBS studio

It is a high performing video recording software and open source live streaming tool that is functional on Linux, Mac and Windows too. There are several transition options that users can switch and use in their streams. The OBS tool is developed with many powerful features that are highly effective and easy to configure.

It has many streamlined and engaging settings that will support quick video processing. It also has intuitive audio mixer that helps in noise suppression and editing.

Game streaming software


FFsplit is a simple utility game streaming software that allows recording videos from multiple sources. It also helps in compiling clips in live feed and streaming online that can be further recorded. The best part about this game streaming software is that it is completely free and easily accessible for its users. Major features include hotkey, webcam recording facilities and overlays that enhance experience and improve performances.

Game streaming software

  1. Xsplit

It is one of the most popular paid game streaming software solution that was an early player in the industry of game streaming. The software can be used with local support instead for digging for plugins that consume more resources. Moreover, the software makes streaming games, live tournaments easier.

Game streaming software

  1. Wirecast

This is a professional game streaming software that is worth trying if you are making good bucks by streaming on platforms. It helps get sharp graphics, smooth transitions and flawless effects that improve overall streams. Wirecast provides unlimited encoding, multiple streaming on various platforms, capture of video sources and many other features which help stream quality videos. This software is best suited for teams and passionate streamers who make earnings out of streaming.

Game streaming software

  1. Stream Pro

This all in one game streaming software offers amazing editing features, active alert elements for polls, labels, graphics and chats. It is easy to use and helps streamer develop overlays with the intuitive drag and drop facility. Users can easily get details about donations, followers, subscribers and engagements.

Game streaming software

  1. StreamLabs

It is a great game streaming software that is effective and user friendly. Reviews note regarding its super quick platform which helps stream without much hassle. With the tool, changing images, sounds, colour and layout is super easy and quick. Pop-ups and alerts can be customised and adjusted as per requirements too.

Game streaming software

  1. Vmix

It is a professional game streaming software which is great in producing 4K, HD, and SD content with ease. This live production tool possesses good collection of 3D accelerations along with various HD sources. It offers 13 mesmerizing transition effects, several built in templates, overlay and more. the best part is it offers a multiple view display and live video effects.

Game streaming software

  1. Shadowplay

The game streaming software is known for its quick recording abilities. Shadowplay by Nvidia was launched in 2014 and was designed to reduce load on the computer processor by using the graphics card. Using the hotkey can record upto 20 minutes of the game and rest users can record using the manual mode on the software. It has brilliant features, templates and chat display elements that help make the stream more fascinating.

Game streaming software

  1. Lightstream

This streaming software is developed smartly with features that use less of the CPU on native device thus saving storage and safeguarding records on cloud. It gets the finest of picture quality with powerful tools to enhance performances. Guest hosting, great overlays, live chat support, and more elements are available on the software. This is one intuitive software which adjust the records and streams as per the availability of internet & other sources.

Game streaming software

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