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Gardening is the other name for creativity in patience. Botanists and plant enthusiasts are passionate gardeners who would ensure utmost care for plants anywhere. Gardening can be either creating kitchen garden or patiently letting the blooms be the beauty of your home garden.

At times it becomes frustrating as the tangerine shrub that you took care of like your own child would succumb to minor pest infestation. The lemon tree which took literally years to grow completely would simply not bloom the flowers or get you the best lemons.

Disappointment lead to discontinuation and sadly demotivates another green lover in this already plantsman deficit planet.

Just like readers and writers have mind blocks, every other person with a hobby or interest does face similar blocks where they no more have any idea or creation in mind. In such situations gardeners turn towards good articles, magazines and definitely the internet these days.

Gardening YouTube channels are the right feed to mind when plant friends run out of creativity and dazzling spirits to do something new. They teach simple hacks to avoid pest infestation, enhance growth of various plants, adjust the feed of specific plants, try hands on hybrids, grow rare breeds and more.

Here we have listed some amazing gardening YouTube channels to cheer up our gardeners and plant lovers with helpful tips & tricks.

Best Gardening YouTube channels to subscribe this 2020

  1. One-yard revolution

If you want to grow a lot of food on a small land while saving money and avoiding much labour then this is one of the best gardening YouTube channels to subscribe. With over 209k followers on the platform the channel shows some of the best organic, sustainable methods with strategy to grow more greens in the backyard. It teaches how to use homemade by products like used coffee ground, vegetable peels, wood chips, comfrey etc. as plant feed instead of promoting green products.

  1. My garden channel

Fabulous DIY ideas, growing plants from fruit slices and germinating any seeds can all be learnt here. It is one of the most creative gardening YouTube channels that teaches planting technics like hydroponics and propagating growth of plants in many other ways in easy steps. So if you are growing some citrus plants then do check out My Garden Channel for great tips and inspiration for future trials.

  1. Gardening is my Passion

Dr Surja Prakash Agarwala (M.Sc, M.Phil, Ph.D) runs this greatly managed and optimised channels that has over 467k followers. It has videos related to growing seasonal vegetables, fruits and flowers beside demonstrating easy tricks to combat pest, fungus and other plant related issues. He also makes video on developing homemade pesticides as well as soil fertilizers that are organic.

  1. Container Gardening

Living in a metro city? Lack space to grow plants or satisfy your passion for gardening? Worry no more as container gardening is one of the most innovative gardening YouTube channels. With over 959k subscribers this verified account posts videos that neatly explain the processes to grow various types of plants. As the name suggests most of the plantation is done in smaller containers that would be effective in smaller spaces.

  1. The Rusted Garden (Gary Pilarchik)

Pilarchik’s garden stories are related to vegetables and tomatoes in particular. Right from providing knowledge regarding germinating seeds to preparing manure at home it has videos on all. The rusted garden is one of the most loved gardening YouTube channels that shows plantation and care of sweet potatoes, radishes, tomatoes, pepper etc. beside flower pots, herbs and other types of plants. The channel also consists of videos about pest control, insect infestation remedies and manure making.

  1. Jeb Gardener

It is definitely one of those marvellous gardening YouTube channels that show us magic in plants. Videos right from growing plants in water and transferring them to soil, experimenting with capsicums, to growing tomato hybrids in lab environment can be seen here. Jeb keeps working between his lab and garden to make sure he grows finest vegetables and plants. The channel has around 269k subscribers where one of its post was reviewed and reacted upon by PewDiePie.

  1. AlboPepper – Drought Proof Urban Gardening

Few gardening YouTube channels would only let their viewers know why a certain plant is grown in a particular manner. We know how to do them but the question why we do the way remains unanswered due to which Albopepper posts experiments, tests, unboxing and review videos. Anyone who loves to learn a new thing every day must watch videos here. They have cool container gardening, density planting, self-watering planters method videos beside teaching ways to tackle droughts, climate change and other related issues.

  1. MLgardener

626k subscribers big verified gardening YouTube channel is known for producing videos on 100% organic recipes, sustainable gardening methods and more for enthusiastic gardeners. It has millions of views on some of its videos that educate viewers about composting, soil mix, plant care and unique trials to grow more crop in house. It is creative from all sides and is totally worth a visit.

  1. Grow Organic peaceful valley

Homesteading, gardening, agriculture, farming are the major parts of videos on the channel. Right from know-how-to-style videos to explaining organic gardening techniques, they produce all types of content for their broad viewers. One can learn various tricks and hacks to grow better plants and prepare nutrient rich composts, manure etc. They post videos on irrigation methods as well as watering plants properly for more knowledge.

  1. California Garden TV

Learn gardening from a certified master gardener in this great channel for beginners in special. California master TV is surely one of the professional gardening YouTube channels that efficiently educates people about organic and sustainable gardening thereby helping them improve their expertise in it. The channel is full of good spirits, motivation for anyone who would want to grow plants and nurture the nature.

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