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Aravinda Holla4 years ago

Every YouTube channel will always have a set of loyal fans. They are the ones who like, comment and share the videos so that they reach more and more people. Even though they’ll relatively have smaller networks themselves; collectively they’ll make the videos reach thousands of people more.

What if you could leverage the networks of such influential fans?

Vidooly can help you do that! Our analytics tool for YouTubers has a feature called the Creator Wizard using which you can find the most popular channels from any country and category using simple filters!

Here’s how simple it is:

top youtubers from different countries

In the above example, I’m showing you how you can search for the top Howto & Style YouTubers from Great Britain.

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 Ok I’ve found them. What now?

Once you find the top YouTubers from the country and category of your choice, you can use another feature of Vidooly called Competitor tracking. You can add these top YouTubers as your competitors in this section and then get a list of all their influential fans; along with their Google Plus profiles!

Here’s how you do it:

influential fans of youtubers

After finding the influential fans, you can send out a nice direct message to them and they’ll get a notification on their smartphones. Something like this:

google plus mobile notifications

In the competitor section of Vidooly, you can add up to 10 competitors if you opt for a PRO plan. If you opt for a PRO+ plan, you can actually add unlimited competitors!

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If you identify at least 1000 influential fans of other popular YouTubers in your genre and send out a creative message to all of them on Google Plus; at least 100-200 of them will check out your video and subscribe your channel.

The tool comes with a 14 day Free trial. Why don’t you take a PRO+ trial of the tool and see how it works out for you? You can signup by clicking here. (It won’t take more than a minute!)

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