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Trisha Malhotra3 years ago

Being a social media star is truly a blessing and what’s better to get verified on the social platform. The ideal ‘blue tick’ has been a dream for many and we know it. Don’t worry, here is how you can get verified on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram:

Get Verified on Facebook

The verification badges on Facebook is a great way to ensure brand credibility online for large brands and local businesses. The blue or gray verified badge lets your audience know you’re authentic and increases page visibility that shows up higher in search results so that the potential customers can find your business easily.


Grey Verification Badge:

The badge is for smaller businesses and organizations wherein the business has multiple location-specific Facebook pages.

Blue Verification Badge:

If you are a brand, large company or a public figure, you can apply for the blue badge.

To get verified on Facebook, make sure that your page is updated with correct information and relatively active.

Here are some 5 basic steps to get verified on Facebook:

  • Click on Settings at the top of your Facebook Page
  •  From the General menu, click the Page Verification selection
  • Click on Verify this Page, then Get Started                                                                     
  •  To Verify, you will have an option for an instant or a detailed verification process. If you choose the instant one, Facebook will call on the number you have provided on your page and you will be awarded the verification mark. However, if you choose the detailed option, you’d have to upload official documents that vividly show your business’s name and address. Eg: Electricity Bill can work here.
  • 5. After receiving your validation ( instant or detailed process ), Facebook usually takes about 48 hours to 45 days to either confirm or deny your request.

This is how you can get verified on Facebook!

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Get Verified on Twitter

Like Instagram and Facebook, the blue verified badge on Twitter also lets people know that an account of public interest is authentic.

Towards the end of 2016, Twitter opened to apply for verification and get verified with the blue checkmark badge next to your name. One had to fill out a form requesting for consideration as a verified user after he had updated the profile with current information, verified the email address and a verified phone number. After a lot of controversy in mid-2017, the program was paused by Twitter.

The only major factor that Twitter considers now in making an account verified is that it should be of public interest. For that Twitter has listed out several categories/genres which are: media, journalism, fashion, music, government, acting, media, religious, politics, business, sports and other key areas.

Twitter has unfortunately paused public submissions for the time being.

Get Verified on Instagram

Most of the people wish to have the blue verification check for their Instagram account. Unfortunately, Instagram chooses profiles to verify on its own and there’s no application process to get verified on Instagram. One can link their different social media handles to their Instagram profiles to let the audience know that the profile is authentic. However, getting verified on Instagram can be a task!

Instagram largely verifies public figures, celebrities and some global businesses to ensure that the Instagram experience stays authentic. But, some dedication from your end can increase your possibilities of getting the account verification check. Engage and interact actively with users and gain attention with the help of different social media platforms.

Though Instagram doesn’t keep actively monitoring the verified profiles, it can take away an account’s verified status if it posts spam or indulges in some other inappropriate content that doesn’t follow the Community Guidelines of Instagram. So, to get verified

Also, if an account uses any profile pic, name or bio section to endorse other services, or doesn’t remain public. Keep in mind that the badge can’t be transferred, sold or advertised, and doing so might result in verification badge removal or termination of your Instagram account.


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  • Raveena patel

    January 9, 2019 at 1:04 PM

    How to get blue tick on facebook?
    How to get instagtam blue tick ?
    According to Facebook Support, “To request a blue verification badge, your Page or profile must comply with Facebook’s terms of service and have the following”:

    A cover photo
    A profile photo
    A name that follows Facebook’s guidelines
    Content posted to the account
    “Follow” enabled (profiles only)
    Rest are hidden and further disclosure has not been made by Facebook Team. But while closely working with Facebook, we had following observations observations:

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