Tips & TricksGIF Marketing Strategy for Brands: How to use GIF to boost your Engagement

We know the waving pug, the blinking white man, lazy cat on couch and Di Caprio raising toast memes in motion. They were on our social media feed, favorite website and most loved blog as well. 

If you think they were just there to entertain then maybe you are missing out on a lot more significant reasons for them to be there. 

Firstly, larger bandwidth allocated by internet service providers and sudden surge in smartphone consumption has expanded the scope for gifs. Furthermore, there is an increase in demand for visual content amongst the audiences online. 

Graphic Interchange Format or the GIF are not new but have been there in the market since the 1990s, slowly revolutionizing businesses on the internet. With rising trends and FAD’s, GIF marketing has successfully gained traction and is helping build impressive brands online.  



GIF marketing is a great way to engage viewers, develop relevant social media profiles and grow business. There may be several reasons for the success of the graphical images in marketing, but its functionality & feature is the show stopper. 

A single GIF contains more visual imagery, explanatory content and engaging outlay than individual frame pictures. 

GIFs gained popularity in the market and came back in trend just like the retro fashion that are now loved by the current generation. The millennials have emotionally connected with these GIFs, thereby linking GIF marketing with pure nostalgia marketing. GIF marketing has captured a quick-growing, fast consuming and majority section of the market space. 

We have discussed a few GIF marketing strategies that brands and businesses can utilize to grow their following, fans and customers. 

GIF marketing strategy for brands

  1. GIFs to announce events and programs

Many brands have used GIF marketing ideas to advertise new product launches, promotional events and other brand announcements.

When you use a GIF to announce an important happening it attracts viewers easily.
The engagement rates are higher on these GIFs compared to still images.


Usually customers like to have a peek-a-boo visual presentation of new products before diving into lengthy texts. That is where GIFs come in to play.

Introducing a GIF in social media platforms can blink in feeds of potential customers and keep them interested in the subject. This is a highly recommended strategy you can use to get your brand on top.

  1. GIFs in Email campaigns

Creativity is the core of GIF marketing and to spice up your brand presence, make sure you utilize this option well.

Using GIFs in email campaigns can be highly beneficial for brands as it easily conveys the actual message to the potential customers.

These ensure that the email is interactive and leads the customers to take actions in favour of your brand.

  1. GIF marketing for social media engagement

Social media is a large part of marketing strategies and plans because they are the place where all your customers are available. Including GIFs in social media marketing strategy can gain your brand more engagement and attention.

What really matters on social media platforms is the share-ability of the content and good GIFs have more potential of going viral. Using a GIF to promote a product or service is a smart technique because it can invoke emotional reactions and connect with the viewers.


When a burger selling brand uses GIF of a sizzling burger with dripping cheese with the offer code mentioned, it can easily encourage audience to order.

If you want to get more followers and subscribers on your business profiles then try using GIFs in Instagram giveaways, Facebook contests and tweets.

It is also very important to understand what works with your audience and create an equally interactive & interesting GIF for the marketing plan.

  1. Use GIF to introduce call-to-action

Mentioning CTA on websites and social media platforms has always been a huge profit for brands. These are the major gateways for new audience, customers, partners and deals to pass in.

Adding a CTA on the site means you are welcoming your visitors and are looking for more footfall and traffic onsite.


When you use a GIF to introduce your call to action option, you are building relations while facilitating the in-bound leads. GIF marketing is an intelligent way for marketers to grab customer attention and land them on a relevant page.

Creating compelling GIF is a great way to involve users before they decide on taking an action.

  1. GIFs to express a process and storytelling

As visual content tends to attract more viewers than mere texts, GIFs are the best way to tell the brand story. Informing viewers is much effective with this tactic as it provides them with the visualization of “how it will be”.

Rise in the consumption of similar content has made it more easy for brands to explain their message with the right tone. This in many ways helps them avoid misinterpretation of ideas and message that may possibly damage the brand image.

gif marketing

GIFs are not just easy to communicate but also fun to look at, thus it is an interactive way to keep the audience enticed.

So next time you are planning a marketing strategy to engage audience, try GIF marketing.

For instance, if you have to invite people for your product launch party just try to send out e-invites having a picture of your decided venue with people enjoying cocktails in the lawn and a barbeque sizzling beside the pool.

Do mention the date, time and a “see you then” in the GIF. Watch the responses and attention it gets later.

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