Online Video NewsModel, YouTuber Gigi Gorgeous Denied Entry Into Dubai For Being Transgender

Gigi Gorgeous knew the middle eastern countries are Anti-LGBTQ but she would’ve never imagined being a transgender could be so dangerous for her life. She was detained at the Dubai airport because she is transgender. And if she stepped onto Dubai’s soil, they would have arrested her or worst case scenario beheaded/executed her.

She told TMZ that she was stopped from entering the country when an immigration officer said to her, “I was told you are transgender. You cannot come into the country.” After that, they held her at the airport for more than 5 hours.

TMZ reports Gigi’s passport has been updated since her transition and reflects her gender, along with her legal name, Gigi Loren. But airport officials told the outlet that Gigi’s passport indicates she is male and has a picture of her pre-transition.

Gigi is one of the first people who covered their transition on YouTube. She also does beauty and fashion videos on her channel of 2.3 million subscribers, along with talking about her life experiences that help a lot of people like her, and changing mindsets of others. The 24-year-old Canadian model’s transition is now being turned into a documentary for YouTube Red.

TMZ reports that Dubai law prohibits the “imitation of women by men.” Being transgender is not imitating another gender, but the law there essentially prohibits transitioning. According to 76 Crimes, 77 countries have some type of anti-LGBTQ law on the books that bans sexual activity by LGBTQ people. The United Arab Emirates is one of them.

Many people were giving her hate in the comments on her Instagram post and YouTube video for not knowing the laws of such countries before going there. Some also said she wasted her time and money, and created drama for no reason. Although, her fans and other sensitive people came to her rescue and defended her.

She called the experience in Dubai “One of the scariest moments of my entire life.” In the video that she uploaded on her channels a few hours ago to tell everyone about her story, she urged transgenders not to come to Dubai. Fortunately, she had some caring people with her that time and until she was somewhere safe and accepting. It’s really sad because she packed her bags thinking she’s going to this beautiful adventurous place, while she returned hating that place before even seeing it. Watch her video below to know the whole story.


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