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If you are one amongst the millions caught in the cobweb of social media interactions, you must have, by now  realised the immense potential of G+ interactions.Though relatively, a new entrant in the domain of social media (for it was only launched in 2011) it has gradually taken the world by storm. why do you ask?
What is Google +?

G+ has managed to smartly integrate social media needs for indigenous and big corporate houses as well as complements the ego boost for upcoming artists,performers, celebrities, newbies and the general masses alike at the cost of a nickel.


Advantages of Google +

Once smirked shrugged off by Zuckerberg as “a mini version of facebook”, G+ has now become the 5th most popular social media platform on the web.It puts you in the forefront of things by pushing you and your content through valuable tie-up networks( you do know about G+ integration with YouTube right..?) and simultaneously enriches sustainable community building. With Google being the world’s largest search engine and YouTube coming second, there open myriad avenues for your content to grab the top slot in more ways than one.

Features of Google+

Google + is so consumingly synced with with Google’s other web apps like Google docs spreadsheet,Gmail, search bar, YouTube etc. that it becomes really tedious to log off from this benefactor of services to the others. Let me add that G+ has easy sharing buttons for your posts with a slick interface and two layers to choose from.

The GIFFs and animated videos play directly without being redirected to hosting websites. You get to befriend anyone on the globe and add them to your circles. Circles are basic categorical classifications which could help you separate your professional from personal without having to compromise on your privacy. You never have to worry the about the joke you cracked on your boss to get to his nose. Just remember to add or omit certain circles relating to the suitability of the post. NEAT, Aha!

Another interesting facet of G+ which was available till 2012 was Google sparks which have now gone kaput. Located on the left-hand sidebar of the G+ interface, it sourced news, pictures(data) on the topic of interest which you typed.

Moving on, the best feature to hit virility has been the G+ Hangout where you can hold video -conference with up to 10 people simultaneously.This has been steadily adopted on YouTube as YouTube Hangout sessions for brands and celebrities.
Owing to G+ integration for YouTube comment moderation as well as content ID feature to settle claims of copyrighted videos,it’s advisable to share your content on G+ to succor better search ranks and results for your posts and videos. G+ integration thus helps YouTube artists a great deal by displaying their content on both Google search results and related Google’s acquired platforms like Instagram and many more.

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How Google+ circles help your YouTube channel?

Making G+ circles for your Youtube subscribers is another cool trick to up your subscribers base and spread your content.

Making a pool of people who are active subscribers on your YouTube channel and interested  in a certain sort of craft/act/content which you do while omitting the others who are not so enthusiastic about it, Thus it helps you generate word of mouth publicity twofold. Firstly, it’s likely for your content to be shared and re-shared by your genuine fans promoting it instinctively amongst their circles and secondly, you get saved from being thrown out of circles (read losing your YouTube subscribers) or  being trolled in the wake of a content much to the displeasure of your subscriber.

Vidooly too offers similar, interface of building your YouTube channel by adding your YouTube subscribers to Your G+ account.Visit vidooly dashboard now to comfortably rake in the benefits of Google+ and YouTube.

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