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Bloomberg has revealed that Google has roped in 15 million subscribers across its music streaming apps YouTube Music and Google Play Music. The stated figure also includes free or promotional trials. Even though Google is still far behind its competitors, this is quite a remarkable progress considering that subscription-based media businesses have not picked up for Google that much.

Spotify Technology SA hit 100 million paid subscribers which was announced recently by the company. On the other hand, Apple Inc. saw 50 million subscribers and was ahead of Spotify in the US alone. Looking at the numbers it does seem like Google has to put in more efforts to catch up but they have still come a long way. The numbers of Google’s streaming apps are almost double of Pandora’s which stands at 7 million subscribers.

Google has already laid out its plans to make YouTube Music the face of the company’s music streaming business. Google Play Music will most probably be dissolved and all its functionalities will be merged with YouTube Music. At present, a YouTube Music subscription will cost you $9.99 a month while a family pack comes at $14.99.

YouTube has still not commented on the exact number of paid subscribers. However, the company has revealed that the subscriber base of YouTube Music and the Premium service has snowballed by 60% between the time span of March 2018 to 2019. Premium subscribers get an ad-free experience of Youtube along with access to YouTube Music for free and YouTube Originals.

A bit about YouTube Music…

YouTube Music has made it easy for music lovers who would turn to music videos on the platform prior to this. YouTube’s extensive catalog of official songs, playlists, albums, covers, radios and even remixes and live versions will be found on YouTube Music. You can opt for the free version if you’re fine with the adverts. For those interested in an ad-free experience can go for YouTube Music Premium. It also enables background listening, which means you can use other apps or lock your screen and it won’t interrupt your music session, along with offline playback for the songs you download.

YouTube Music’s features include personalized recommendations, smart search, and data saver.

YouTube Music has an evolved recommendations feature as it weaves your music recommendations based on not just your preferences and music choices but also where you’re located or what you might be doing. For instance, if you’re at the gym or your commute to work, it will customize your music according to that.

The search feature is equally sophisticated as it will help you find songs based on lyrics and phrases. If you vaguely remember a song, you can even find it with an equally vague search term.

At times when you’re struggling with a slow internet connection, the data saver feature will help you optimize your usage, whether you’re on mobile data or a WiFi connection.

YouTube Music’s library is quite expansive with millions of songs, playlists, albums, and artists. The music arm of the video streaming platform saw an addition of 5 million subscribers since May last year.

YouTube’s positioning might be one factor because of which the music streaming business could not take off the way it should have. Google’s video streaming arm has been more famous for watching free content across genres like music, food, comedy, movies, and so much more. YouTube is at the top of the game when it comes to ad-supported content and will be leading in the music streaming space as well.

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