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Cynthia Madison2 years ago

In the age of visual marketing, it comes as no surprise that YouTube has surpassed Facebook and raked second most visited website on the internet and the second largest search engine, after Google. Apart from that, YouTube is really the best place if you want to draw attention to your business, site or online persona. It’s the time of vloggers and this is no secret to anyone. 

But creating quality content is not enough to get people to click on your videos and hit the subscribe button afterwards. Below are 7 tips to help you attract viewers and grow your YouTube community. 

#1 – Stick to a posting schedule

Kind of like on a TV channel, your viewers need to get used to a posting schedule so they know when to come back and check for your newest content. Statistics show that channels who post multiple times a week have a higher chance of organically climbing on YouTube rankings.

Especially if your channel is new, commit to posting at least three times a week, to develop a content library that will get visitors to spend more time on your channel and subscribe. If you plan on doing a series of content on a specific theme, make sure to post each video on the same day each week. This way, people know when to come back if they want to find out more about your weekly meal prepping routine, for example. 

#2 – Hook Viewers since the beginning

It takes only a few seconds for the viewer to decide if they want to keep watching a video or close the page, so make sure to have them hooked since the beginning. If, for example, you are featuring a DIY project, show the end results at the beginning of the video, to get people’s attention. 

Another way to get viewers’ attention in the first few seconds of the video is to start by telling a story. Be it a real experience or a sketch, stories make people curious to see what happens, so make use of this curiosity and start your videos with a good opening story. However, make sure the story does relate to the content of your video. 

#3 – Use music in your videos

Everybody knows that music does have a way of attracting & entertaining people and your videos should take advantage of that. It has become quite a trend for YouTubers to use a specific song at the beginning of their video and make an intro to present their channel. You’d want to use the same jingle in all videos, to get people accustomed to connecting it to your channel whenever they hear it. 

Music can also be used in travel videos or stories, to compliment the images and set the mood for the viewers. “Keep in mind that you will have to respect some regulations when using music in your videos, to avoid copyright issues. The best way to avoid these issues is to use royalty-free music, which you can find online.” advise the experts at Melody Loops.  

#4 – Make use of end screens

YouTube made the end screens interactive, precisely to help content creators advertise some of their work. You can customize the end screen to link some of your other videos, website or channel page. 

The end screens can be added in the last 20 seconds of your video, so make sure you keep that in mind when editing. A great technique is to frame the video in such a way, that it allows you to add end screens that naturally match your video and continue talking over them, to engage the viewers. You can invite people to click on the graphics and explain where that will get them. If you don’t want it to interfere with your content, or it simply does not match the video aesthetic, you can simply add an image at the end of the video, where you can place the graphics. 

#5 – Design interesting visuals 

The way you present your account to the world is extremely important. YouTube does not have much room for visual art outside of the video content, but you need to make the most out of what you get: banner and thumbnails. 

The banner is located at the top of your channel page and is the first thing someone who visits your channel is going to see, so it plays an important role in encouraging people to subscribe and watch your videos. To get people to know you a bit more, make sure to include a photo of yourself and your name, or your channel’s name on it. Of course, make sure you use high-quality images, so it looks good on any device, no matter the screen size. 

Thumbnails are yet another way to get people to click on your videos, which is why they need to stand out. Take suggested videos for example, when you watch something on YouTube, you get a number of suggested videos in the sidebar. When your video appears there, it needs to capture the viewer’s interest through the thumbnail. Make sure it is relevant to your video and works well with the title. 

#6 – Engage in collaborations

One of the best ways to expand your audience is to collaborate with other YouTubers who share similar content as yours. When you work with another content creator, you get direct exposure to their viewers, who may have otherwise never had the chance to reach your channel. 

Everybody involved in the collaboration has a win in this, which is why it is an extremely effective and popular method for YouTubers. Keep in mind that YouTube is, amongst others, a social network, so in order to reach more viewers, you need to connect with more people. Don’t let your competitive side stop you from creating a network and meeting people who are on the same page as you. This can result in immense popularity growth, as well as some incredible friendships along the way.  

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