EntertainmentHeather Mack Posts Shocking Confession Video on YouTube – Explains Why She Killed Her Mom

The internet has become strange off late! Weird things become famous and people have started using it for unusual purposes. The latest story in the same vein that has shocked many, is a chilling video of an American woman Heather Mack explaining why she killed her mother and stuffed her body in a suitcase. Heather was convicted in Indonesia, along with her boyfriend in 2014, in a sensational case that had made headlines across the globe. This creepy video was posted to YouTube on Feb 2, and it shows a calm Heather slowly explaining the exact moment when she knew that she had to kill her mom.

Heather Mack Background

The story centers around Heather Mack, a Chicago native who’s currently serving a 10-year sentence in a prison in Indonesia. Along with her boyfriend Tommy Schaefer, she was convicted for murdering her mother Sheila Von Wiese-Mack in a hotel in Bali in 2014. While Schaefer was sentenced to 18 years for premeditated murder, Mack was convicted for being an accessory to the gruesome murder.

Here’s a selected transcript of what Heather Mack says in the video:

“When I was 10, my mother killed my father in a hotel in Athens, Greece. Two weeks before I came to Bali, I found out that she killed my father and I made it up in my heart, in my mind, in my soul, in my blood, in the oxygen running through my body that I wanted to kill my mother. This is a video I need to make. I’m Heather Mack and I want to be set free. I don’t want to live in a lie anymore. I don’t regret killing my mother … but I regret bringing Tommy into it. Tommy is an innocent man.”

Prosecutors are now gauging whether this disturbing online video warrants a stiffer sentence for Heather. However, her lawyer Ben Seran has maintained that she was forced to make this confession video.

Can there be a selective censor to screen things like this?

How do you stop people from posting videos like this? The ease with which people can post online – even LIVE – is a cause of concern for many. You might remember the recent case of a Florida teen live streaming her suicide through Facebook Live! What can these popular social platforms do to curb incidents like this? With millions of people posting videos, posts and pictures online every single second of the day, across the globe, is there a practical and viable way to selectively censor it all? Only time can tell.

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