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The period of COVID-19 pandemic caused immense damage to the world in form of untimely deaths, natural disasters, increased cases of depression, domestic abuse, crimes and whatnot.

There is an indefinite and prolonged situation of isolation beside the unavailability as well as the loss of necessary natural nutrients in people that surmounts to uncommon imbalances of hormones. The suffering increases as it not just affects the lifestyle but also the mental and physical health that leaves people sad, depressed, and lonely with unexplained levels of pain.

Amidst all such chaos, there are content creators who are trying new styles, adopting changes and making efforts in helping quarantine stress during COVID-19 via their YouTube channels.

Staying away from the negative news, fake propagandas, and too much of social media noise surely help but adding some dose of goodness will also boost the mind. YouTube videos related to funny animals, pranks, ASMR, soothing music mix and other such content are a great way to relax and rejuvenate. They will help people repair themselves from the mess that the quarantine-lockdown-isolation cycle has put us through during the last few months.

YouTube channels helping quarantine stress

Various experiments and theories by researchers, doctors at WHO have stated about taking measures to check for mental tiredness, negative thoughts, anxiety disorders and other associated problems during this phase. As many people are already suffering from various mental breakdowns it is very important and urgent to know as well as understand the need for positive media in life.

Let us know some fine YouTube channels that are helping quarantine stress-related issues among their audiences.

Effective YouTube Channels helping Quarantine


#1 Heart Alchemy Yoga with Michelle Goldstein

What can be more relaxing than practising some breathing exercises, postures along with food for the mind? Yoga it is! The different forms of mind-calming activities such as the power yoga, sound bath therapy, meditation music, yin yoga, mindfulness meditation etc. can be learned and followed on this channel. Michelle Goldstein uses her YouTube channels in helping quarantine stress reduction processes for her audiences. Her 40-minute quarantine yoga video is one of the most effective sessions that you can experience online for a relaxed mind and body. Those guided, and systematically organised therapy session videos are mind-blowing that will surely teach you many ways to channelize inner stress, pain, anxiety and other chaos in mind.

#2 Ephemeral rift

Have you ever heard about Autonomous sensory meridian response? Popularly known as ASMR, it is an unexplainable tingling sensation starting at the scalp passing through the back of the neck, towards the feet by spreading all over the body. It causes sudden jimjams in some people but the aftereffect is soothing and relaxing. At this YouTube channel, you will find videos stimulating the nerves and sensory endings through various whispering activities, real talking, sound positioning and other magical tricks that will first exercise the 6 senses of the human. Professor Clemmons has some real talent in creating hypnotising effects on his audiences. Check it for some real content that is helping quarantine stress through YouTube channels.

#3 Pick Up Limes

All of us have learnt some of the basic skills and tricks during the lockdown but cooking has become the most popular activity that kept many peacefully engaged. This YouTube channel is helping quarantine stress during the lockdown with its amazing food and casual travel tale videos. The content is as delicious as the meals prepared in it that are mostly vegan based and healthy. It is mostly focused on featuring healthy food habits and diets that will not just suffice the nutrient needs & boost immunity but also help the mind rejuvenate. Food is happiness and when there are clean, nutritious, well-plated gourmet recipes to try at home, boredom stays at bay.

#4 Living Big in a Tiny House

It is a very special and unique YouTube channel that is hosted by designer Bruce who converts tiny spaces into some of the fine households with well-planned interiors. The videos are taken during his travel where he explores small, supposedly congested places like vehicles, broken ships, abandoned submarines, cottages etc. He is determined to create living alternates that are eco-friendly, less consuming and smartly designed for effective survival. The channel inspires viewers to lead a minimalistic lifestyle and make the best of leftover spaces to save more of everything in life. This YouTube channel is helping quarantine stress by documenting transformations of spaces for people who are in need of it and are ready to make a change.

#5 Buttered side down

If you have ever watched and liked the Mr Bean series then this yet another hilarious video content creator who comes up with extremely funny, witty and smart videos. they are mostly the first-person account comedy actions, adventure-filled activities, DIY crafts and artwork, future comedy sketching etc. that will leave you baffled at times as well as laughing till the stomach hurts. It is definitely a must-watch YouTube channel that is helping as a quarantine stress buster for all. One can easily find themselves binge-watching on the videos after some time and it can be seen with the whole family as it is very engaging & entertaining.

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