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TVF has now literally hit 1 million+ subscribers with its Viral Fever. Yes people, it’s the first original content creator to make this TOUCHDOWN.

TVF has now literally hit 1 million+ subscribers with its Viral Fever

Yes, people, it’s the first original content creator to make this TOUCHDOWN. Be it sketches, spoofs, sarcasm, parody or the bird called comedy, this new age digital media company has been making all the right noise, right from its inception, remember theGaana Wala’ song.

Defining comedy with core entertainment which was conventionally recognized with loud and ludicrous perverted jokes, they are continuously breaking the clutter of set standards.

Well, to cut the long story short, TVF has been serving the general janta with its engaging humorous content touching the socio-economic and political waters alike which is no less entertaining in real life per say, just so you know.


Capturing the facets of non-sensical  Bollywoodesque- formula movies with  spoof like  Ek Thi Behen ( Ek Thi Dayan) to face Reality shows like Rowdies (Roadies), or taking  a dig at the Indian media circus rampant with flaring temperatures & anglicized accents,Barely speaking with Arnub (Frankly speaking with Arnub) or the mini digital Teleseries #TVFdrama with Permanent Roommates & Chai Sutta chronicles,highlighting the new age problems of youth related to Real estate & convoluted relationships respectively. They basically are trying to cover everything under the sun and are also lauded by one and sundry.

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and won appreciation forms their competitors and friends too…!

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A brainchild of Arunabh Kumar, an Ex IITian and a present Artist, is now thriving on the collaborated efforts of new talents and comics alike. The recent addition of Vipul Goyal has only added more star value to the team.

Venturing into the other aspects of new media, The TVF guys came up with another novel concept of TVF Inbox Office to fight the nexus of big budget movies and Multiplexes where small independent and awesome movies get a launch pad to be viewed and consumed by the general junta at an economical price. Yeahhh!  The first movies picked up by them, a slacker comedy which they’ve been promoting for quite some -time is Sulemaani –Keeda. Check it out here

Thus, TVF has now gradually become invincible by branching into different methods of cross entertainment cum comedy and interacting with more and more people with engaging content. Though we are not being Munna Jazbaati, but their phenomenal success has definitely set the ball rolling in terms of entertainment.Looking forward to happier times with TVF!

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