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In recent years, Video Marketing is being closely related to branding in every industry. With the emergence of video platforms like YouTube, Twitch, Vimeo etc., various brands now have a new story to tell. This is why many leading airlines are now using new ways to build that brand image by improving the communication between their customers.

And one of the best ways to do that is by showing them their Airline Safety Videos with lots of humor as many passengers don’t pay attention during the boring in-flight safety instruction routine followed by flight attendants. It’s so tedious that in 2015, one ingenious air traveler saw the potential to get creative using the sounds on board an airplane to produce a viral thumping dance track, and captured it on camera.

Turkish Airlines190,472518,231,45212
Air France61,773135,879,29118
KLM Royal Dutch Airlines119,029119,060,40322
Air New Zealand66,64881,412,92819
British Airways125,45565,223,59240
All Nippon Airways35,84747,228,9223
Qatar Airways70,20911,754,1781
Singapore Airlines35,81931,108,5792

Although not many brands have adopted this strategy of creating funny safety video, there are many brands that are enjoying the video marketing success like Air New Zealand, Virgin and Turkish Airlines. This July, British Airlines created new safety video in collaboration with many celebrities while simultaneously demonstrating the safety features and procedures on the aircraft.

Following are the examples of how airlines brands used video marketing to enter the minds of their customers by using Airline Safety Videos.


Zach King is famous for his visual illusion tricks and holds a subscriber base of more than 2 million on YouTube. For their safety video, Turkish Airlines collaborated with the ‘king’ of visual illusions to give it a magic touch. In the video, an air hostess is shown narrating the whole safety guidelines while Zach continues with his magical illusions all throughout.

Turkish Airline video social media stats using VidLog
Turkish Airline video social media stats using VidLog

The video is very visually appealing with all the illusions and keeps the viewers hooked till the end despite the mundane guidelines narration. The collaboration has proved to be successful as it has clocked more than 6 million views till now.


Air France has created a great safety video for their customers. In the video, an air hostess is shown narrating the safety guidelines along with some more girls showcasing the directions in a choreographed manner.

The safety guidelines are narrated in a quirky manner with funny comments here and there to keep the video interesting until the very end. The color combinations of the video are well coordinated with the Air France logo which makes it look very vibrant all throughout. The video has gained more than 2 million views till now.



KLM Royal Dutch Airlines made things a little more interesting than the rest of the usual airline safety videos. They created a unique stop-motion video which was made by photographing about a thousand hand painted Delft Blue tiles. Each title is beautifully crafted with spectacular imagery while the guidelines are narrated by the air hostess in the background.

Unlike the usual airline set-up, this video is, in fact, set-up in the Delft Blue pottery shop where glimpses of how the titles were made are also shown.


Emirates took things a notch higher with their safety video by demonstrating it live in front of the Benfica fans in a football stadium. Yes, you read that right? A football stadium. But don’t expect them to narrate the usual mundane safety guidelines.

In fact, they refreshed things up by narrating the guidelines of the football match in a similar fashion to that of the airline guidelines. That kept things interesting for the fans live at the stadium as they were amused to see the air hostess’ take them through the guidelines of the match. The video has generated more than 2 million views till now and continues to grow.


Coca-Cola has created some of the best campaigns in the world. Here in this video, Coca-Cola collaborated with WestJet to create an unexpected in-flight safety video. Instead of narrating the usual airline guidelines, in this campaign, WestJet decided to narrate the features of a coke can and how to drink it on-board.

The briefing is kept short, funny and quirky – supported by animated illustrations to guide you through the whole process of how to enjoy an ice-cold Coca-Cola on board.


Air New Zealand celebrated the third and final film in The Hobbit Trilogy – The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies in their safety video. They made it truly epic as the video title suggests by starring Elijah Wood and Sir Peter Jackson in the video.

Video social media stats using VidLog
Video social media stats using VidLog

Throughout the video, the backdrop is kept of the Hobbit series with similar locations and characters from the movie. The video has made epic success by clocking more than 18 million views so far.


British Airways has been flying over the globe for about 90 years and being a pro at what they do, they have created a fantastic campaign for their safety video. In the video, you will find various familiar faces from Hollywood. It’s best if you first see it for yourself.

British Airways video social media stats using VidLog
British Airways video social media stats using VidLog

The celebrities are seen auditioning in humorous sketches in front of comedian Asim Chaudhry, as Chabuddy G, for a coveted part in British Airways’ new safety video, while simultaneously demonstrating the safety features and procedures on the aircraft. The video has amassed more than 7 million views so far.


All Nippon Airways is an award-winning and largest airline in Japan. For their safety video, they took a simplistic approach with a general narration of airline guidelines along with semi-illustrated visuals. The narration is done both in Japanese and English for better understanding.


Cathay Pacific Airways is an international airline registered and based in Hong Kong, flying to over 190 destinations around the world. For their safety video, they used interested semi-animated figures and backgrounds to visualize the airline guidelines. The narration is done both in Chinese and English for better understanding.


Qantas created a simple yet interesting safety video for their customers. Instead of just having the air hostess narrate the whole guideline briefing, they included various airline officials including the pilots to narrate the safety guidelines. The backdrop is that of a real airline and is supported by English subtitles all throughout.

NOTE: All the above airlines mentioned generated the highest Youtube viewership among top 75 airlines in the world. The only two channels under top 10 that do not possess airline safety video are AirAsia and Lufthansa.


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