YouTube MarketingHow Brands are Engaging with YouTube Content Creators?

Off late, there’s an increase in the ongoing trend of capitalising on the  reach and virality of YouTube. We’ve earlier seen how brands are releasing the commercial ads on YouTube first and later as a TVC. It’s also a good way to gauge the popularity of the content on YouTube. (smaller sample size, wider analytics). It not only helps you define your content with the audience response but is a sure short way to ‘test the waters’ before launching the ad on TV. No wonder these days even studios are going for a Youtube first policy.

Collaboration of Ask me with AIB 

A collaboration between and All India Bakchod has everyone in splits these days. The team (of Rohan, Tanmay, Khamba and Ashish) urge people to ask questions in every session/episode, starting with ‘what if, ‘why’ ‘how’ etc. Encashin’ on the ever so popular AIB,(considering that AIB Knockout has won zillions of hearts right with it going live on  YouTube recently) which already has an impressive subscriber base of more than 7,00,000 on YouTube, askme is right to play with their comic quotient and their brand worth. With every video getting tremendous likes and comments (with one video touching more than 4,00,000 views  on YouTube, the brand has very subtly made its way into marketing its name.

Collaboration of The Viral Fever with Common is one of the biggest market players when it comes to an online portal for buying and renting properties. It, sponsoring the digital series like ‘Permanent Roomates’ by TVF maybe far related as chalk and cheese but it definitely gets a boost in terms of the viewership quotient as  it appears as an associating partner right at the start of the series. The very first episode of this series garnered more than 12,00,000 views and counting. Needless to say, the other  dynamic episodes  generating views of more than 44,00,000 (BollyWood Aam Aadmi Party : Arnab’s  Qtiyapa) has paved the way for The Viral fever to invest in more avenues like TVF inbox Office currently showing Suleimani Keeda  and create/distribute better content.

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Collaboration of Being Indian with Havells:

Epitomisin’ whatever India presents, its quirkiness, the diversity or is it, the idiosyncrasies inlaid within our ‘diversified culture’. Being Indian is fairly high on its vox pop, interviews and Vlogs and aims to promote  rationality behind the gimmicks and double standards of Indians. Havells India, too is known for its ads with a ‘message ‘ which earlier went with the tag of  ‘hawa badlegi’ (change in air) to the current batch of six ads which all promote the ideology of ‘respecting the women’ and builds on the nexus of  women and kitchen appliances.

The one such ad has rolled in Vasudha Sharma (of the band ‘Aasma’ fame) and Madari Mudgal where they loop in music with kitchen appliances underlining the fact of women being creative even in kitchen with the kitchen not being the only destination for women. The ad in association with Havells and Culture Machine successfully blends in the popular Rehman track ‘humma-humma’ of the nineties hit and indeed brings in a breeze of fresh air when it comes to brand integration. The video upload has till now generated more than 2,00,000 views and counting.

Collaboration of American swan with famebox

A one of its kind reality shows on YouTube where glamour met social media. American Swan –a famous global lifestyle brand which brings together Americano style with quintessential European touch from clothing to accessory and footwear with its brand integration with famebox network ( fame fashion) now known as #fame, was a popular series  on YouTube last year in June. Hosted by Cyrus Sahukar, the show named as American Swan Beauty and the Blogger, the first online fashion reality show where 10 fashionistas paired up with 10 bloggers to collect the big moolah had Fame fashion (known for DIY hair, make-up and fashion fixes as one of the popular YouTube channels) being the brand integrator of the show.

Riding on high horses, of fashion and social media- a novel concept, American swan went on to capture the Indian market and  become an everyday name in the Indian household. Talking about some fashion for appetite, here’s some American swan for you.

It’s interesting to note that there was a special episode by ‘Mania Ki Duniya’ on American swan Beauty and the Blogger to further some engagement there. With 3,000 views, no one seems to be complaining, an example of tertiary brand engagement.

Collaboration of Vah chef with Philips Air fryer

Sanjay Thumma  is synonymous with cooking lip smacking and fun Indian delicacies every week and his YouTube channel has an impressive subscriber base of 4,00,000.Being popular, he gets to endorse different kitchen appliances and one such product is Philips air fryer, the series being ‘Philips Super Chef’.  Mostly doing away with the  easily available ingredients in the kitchen, the recipes win hands down, in being simple and easy to cook. ‘Dabba Biryani’ and chicken 65 are one of the favourites. It’s interesting to note that all his videos are shot produced and edited by his wife Rajni.

Collaboration of ParleG with Gulbadan Talkies

When it comes to ‘the world’s largest selling biscuits’ nobody can take it away from Parle-G. Taking a trip down the memory lane, Gulbadan Talkies (Creative Production of film and video)creatively sets a nostalgia mode on, by reminiscing  about Childhood. The video goes on to talk about the memories made with Parle-G with a cup of ‘chai’ (tea). Remembering the matte package/wrapping vis a vis the plastic wrapper now, the glucose biscuits has come a long way since  pre-independence era (1939), the video manages to integrate the novelty of those glucose biscuits into this generation vying for the simpler times. ‘Shayar kehta hain’ sure manages to grab eyeballs with the emotional connect.

With this diversified list we tried to give you a glimpse of fresher brands interacting via YouTube content creators who are famous,popular,and relatively new but creative and making the right noise which help the the brand, gaining desired  traction from selected quarters. Keep watching our blogs for more such insights.

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