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Aravinda Holla7 years ago

Remember the time when Ello and Foursquare were touted as the next big things in the Social Marketing space? In the mad dash towards these platforms, most brands didn’t pay much heed towards the suitability of these products to their marketing efforts. So, before you jump on the bandwagon on yet another Social Channel; think whether it can actually benefit your strategy or if you’re simply doing it to join the crowd.


Video is definitely a huge part of digital marketing these days, and while it is still early days for Meerkat, it could grow into a Social Media powerhouse! If used the right way, it can generate more engagement than any other Social Media channel around.

The app allows streaming live videos to the web, relying primarily on the platform of Twitter. The Meerkat interface closely resembles that of Twitter – users can write ‘What’s happening’ and then stream the video directly from their mobile phones. When you start streaming, the App sends out a tweet notification and link to alert the followers of a new broadcast. A Meerkat leaderboard displays the most active users and a search for Meerkat on the Twitter search box will bring up any streams that are taking place at that exact moment.

meerkat and twitter

It doesn’t just broadcast video content, though. It also lets you have real-time interaction with the users who are watching the stream! Many psychological studies have shown that humans tend to be drawn more to video content than plain text or even pictures! Couple this with the fact that the app allows live interaction between the publishers and the consumers, Meerkat can really be the holy grail of customer engagement for marketers.

Of course, live-streaming services are nothing new and the technology has been around for a number of years; however, opportunities for real-time live video marketing are vast! To get you started, in this blog we give you 5 ways of using Meerkat for your brand marketing efforts:

1. Product Demonstrations:

If you are a product company, the video is a great way to demonstrate how consumers can use your product in the most efficient way. Create a video stream at the product launch and then follow it up with weekly streaming to keep the customers engaged.

2. Events:

If you are an event management company, or if you are at an industry summit/trade show, you can live-stream the talks and presentations and get the Twitter community involved by piggybacking on the relevant hashtag. Live conversations determine the success of any event these days and Meerkat can surely be your best bet.


3. Promotions and Offers:

Who doesn’t like a good deal?! You can offer your customers exclusive promo codes that they can access only by tuning into your live-stream. This will help you build a large and engaged following right from the outset!

4. Ask Me Anythings:

Interviews and Ask Me Anythings (AMAs) are the great way to showcase your brand transparency and industry thought leadership. After all, who would want to talk to an automated Twitter/Facebook feed? Showcase the human side of your brand by driving awareness, increasing engagement and building an audience who likes listening to you.

Ask Me Anything

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5. Be a Storyteller:

People love brand transparency. They like knowing the story behind the brand; to know how it got to where it is today. The founders of the brand can use live streams to tell their story, of the hardships they faced or how they live their lives now. Or, the streams can just give a virtual tour of the brand’s corporate offices, introduce the employees and give a sneak-peak into a day in the life of the business.


Many top-notch brands like Red Bull, CNN and Billboard have already started to leverage Meerkat for their brand marketing. While it is still early days for the App, it definitely looks like a product which is fun for both users and marketers to work with.

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