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Gary Wilson2 years ago

Unless you are only using your YouTube channel to upload videos so only you or your family and friends can watch them chances are you want others to enjoy them too. And you want to know that they did by gathering ‘likes’, or thumbs up on each of your masterpieces. After all, you have a voice, you are sharing your talents, opinions or sills with others so knowing others have watched and enjoyed it is only natural.

There are millions of YouTube viewers out there, plenty of scope to gather all the likes you can deal with – so long as you know how to reach them. This is where the effort comes in. You need ideas that actually work, a decent plan, and a commitment to stick with it. Here we get you started with some of those useful ideas for inspiration.

Add content that is naturally likable

Analysis of the most liked YouTube videos tell us that they do at least one of these things: they are entertaining, viewers can learn something useful from watching, or it provokes an emotional response (think cute kitten videos). Competing with all other uploaders means you need to get this part right to solicit extra likes. Make sure that the information given is easy to follow ad understand, accurate, and if possible unique.

Be upfront – ask people to like the video

If asked directly most people who viewed you video (and who enjoyed it) will go on to like it too. They probably would have anyhow but this avoids the hiccups like them getting distracted and forgetting. You can do this in the comments, but it is more effective in with either a message on the screen or a polite voiceover.

Don’t forget to mention why you are asking for likes. You could mention it boosts your motivation, helps you to know what people like and want more of, or whatever feels right for you.

You could even take shortcuts and buy likes, you can buy them here.

Boost your subscriber figures

It makes sense that the more people who follow your channel the more chance you have of getting views and likes. It’s not always easy to boost the number of subscribers but you can try the following ideas: ask viewers to subscribe, using the same reasoning as asking for likes; post regular content so people begin to look forward to new videos; spread the word via other social media channels. People need to know who and where you are to like or subscribe.

Make the most of YouTube

Don’t simply post and run! Take the time to write a decent description of your new video, be an active commentator and liker of other people’s videos, and keep your channel nicely organized with playlists.

Sometimes it can take a while to start seeing the results of your effort, but don’t give up. A focused plan which you commit to delivering will eventually bring the rewards you are looking for.

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