Tips & TricksHow Google Hangout could be apt for your channel

First of all, we should know why Google Hangouts is so cool. For the uninitiated it simply integrates the advantage of text and video together. It was initially developed as a property to overcome the dryness created by G talk, G-chat and Google Message. As more and more Obamas and Beckhams of the world have popularised it owing to their famous public video conferences with their followers and fans respectively, it comes to little surprise that why Google Hangout has become indispensable for any successful Youtube channel.


Following are the benefits which you can achieve by incorporating Google Hangout.

a)    It’s a cost-effective way to hold video conferences with most of the employees of your company.
b)    It boosts employee engagement.
c)    Apart from being a cool tool for video marketing, it promotes products demos as well if the need be
d)    Help in webinars
e)    Did I mention, you can hold interviews of candidates in other cities (it’s better than skype as you can add up to 10 people to the group free of cost, for which you have to pay in skype)

So while the corporates are reeling under the advantages of a Google Hangout, why should YouTubers lag behind? A Google ‘Hangout on Air’ simply makes it possible for free live streaming and broadcasting video in real time that are accessible to anyone with a browser and the popular channels get a chance to interact with their fans.

Here’s the fun bit when it comes to channels on YouTube with  Google Hangout Integrations
a)    Firstly, Google Hangout enables a channel especially a popular channel to interact with their fans/subscribers directly face-to –face, hence it takes personalization to the next level.
b)    By sending out invites to your subscribers, you can promote, advertise take feedback on your recent stint/ episodes.
c)    Since it goes as live streaming, it helps to build on the spontaneity of the artists/performers/host/ of the concerned channel.
d)    Since a Hangout is not an everyday affair, it can be regulated as a monthly add- on to check on the pulse of channel’s popularity and audience alike.

So now let’s figure out how to go set up Hangout on your YouTube channel.

a)    Log on to G+ events tab for this you need to visit your G+ page.
b)    Click on to start a Hangout on Air
c)    Add the name and description in the first two boxes
d)    Now, you can choose to start a Hangout right away or schedule it for later by filling in the date and time as decided  by you.
e)    Now cherry pick your audience. (just kidding ) well, you can add specific people and circles for this Hangout session for which they’ll receive a notification.
f)    Activate the public tab so that it is viewed by more people. Conversely, in order to narrow down the crowd for that particular session, you can click on the tab of making it unlisted and hence it won’t be widely publicized. With the Unlisted setting, only people with the link will be able to watch and search for the video. This video session won’t be promoted and won’t figure on your G+ page.
g)    Now, click share to schedule your Hangout on Air

The other cool thing is added that, all those added to your Hangout group can also share the broadcast by sharing Google + event or directly sharing the YouTube link.
Moreover, in case of Q&A collect Audience questions before your Hangout On Air starts by going to your events page and gathering your questions. This will save you from going bonkers on air and systematically answer all questions asked by the audience as well as screening it on first glance. You can do this by clicking on the Q&A app on the google page.

So what are you waiting for, go Hangout

Do you know who is unsubscribing from your channel-


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