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Last month, LG celebrated 21 years in India where they launched a campaign themed #CelebratingTheNew, revolving around how innovations and new lifestyle aspirations make dreams come true with a delightful message that touched hearts of billions.

The advertisement was produced by Listening Post who choose to focus on the LG’s brand philosophy as discussed and detailed by LG Electronics India Corporate Marketing Head –  Amit Gujral and show how its innovative products help customers to make their life simple.

Brand philosophy of both ‘Learning from You’ and ‘Innovations for a better life’ has been portrayed intrinsically in the new brand video and the entire thought has been showcased as how these two pillars in our lifestyles eventually make what we stand for – Life’s Good.

It has got a tremendous response and become one of India’s most watched YouTube video in its category and garnered more than 130 million views to date.


  • Published on May 16, 2018

In 2018, the theme for LG is ‘Celebrating the new’.

It is a fresh take on every lifestyle’s dynamic of parent-kid relationship in India. And how one common thing in our lives passes from one generation to the next generation. LG India has captured this Indian philosophy as the journey of “Innovation” from one generation to another generation.

That’s why this advertisement touches an emotional chord as it shows the importance of the family bond. It’s a story of a father and his teenage girl where the father innocently surrenders to his daughter to overcome a challenge from his youth and then pursues his dream to achieve good in life for self-respect with the help of his daughter.

Throughout the advertisement, as the story unfolds, we see various LG products used subtly. This slightly long-form advertising by LG has garnered millions of views so far making it one of the top advertisements from India in recent months.

Speaking of the campaign, Amit Gujral, Head Corporate Marketing, LG Electronics India, said, ” It takes me immense pleasure to reflect 21st-year celebration of LG India, through this video. We tried to express our relationship with our customers that how LG gains a belief of its customers and how LG in India is one of the household brand for Indians. This great journey of LG in India is a true testimony of customers trust and belief in the products sold by LG. We are sure this trust and love of customers shall continue from one generation to another with our ever new ideations and innovations to serve our customers better and continue to live our brand philosophy – Life’s Good .”

Speaking about the creation of this campaign ad, ArfinZukof – Founder at Listening Post, said, “It was a great experience working on this project, LG is really doing a fabulous job over the 2 decades. While celebrating 21st anniversary LG would like to introduce a concept of Innovation which will connect two generations, the video expressed how LG’s acclaim a position in the market which will transfer from one generation to another”.


We are more than willing to sit patiently for whole 1 minute in front of an IPL advertisement on our T.V, but we can’t stand 3 seconds on our YouTube videos. On online video community, this is the time of “SKIP THE AD” trend due to our dwindling attention spans.

To change that perspective, LG opted for the long road in their advertisement format, which didn’t change since last February 2017. In the time where many brands were trying to create creative and funny ways to ask the viewer not to skip the ad, LG created 4 minutes’ advertisement that demands viewer’s’ attention on the content and not the SKIP button.

This doesn’t mean that every brand should opt for “Long-form content marketing” for its YouTube channel as long form of videos is only to be used judiciously, under the right circumstances.

Here are other successful examples of long-form advertisements from LG’s previous campaigns that generated millions of views.


  • Published on Oct 4, 2017

KareinRoshni – Be a guiding star in the night; a ray of hope in someone’s life – LG spreads the message of love and pledges to enlighten lives through #KareinRoshni, a campaign directed towards eye donation. The song comprises of singers who are visually impaired and is curated by Shamir Tandon, a renowned and award-winning music composer.

The initiative also offers the consumers participating, a chance to play Live Games with the Blind Cricket World Cup Winning Team, managed and supported by “Samarthanam Trust for the Disabled.” With the help of campaigns like these, the brand pledges to eradicate darkness from everyone’s life and brighten up the lives of people through this campaign for a great cause.


  • Published on May 11, 2017

Celebrating 20 years of being associated with the Indian market, LG Electronics launched their brand story through a short film with an inspirational message that touched more than 104 million hearts. The video showed a single mother going through struggles to fulfill her daughter’s ambition to become an astronaut by using LG’s innovative technology to shape her career path.

Innovative and content-driven campaigns like these often work very well for advertising and the brand. This interactive yet heuristic approach often ameliorates the customer’s perspective towards the brand.

Other initiatives like LG’s #KarSalaam (launched on 15th January 2017) was initiated to salute the spirit of Indian Soldiers by inviting whole nation and send their wishes to Indian Army force.

And for last three years, LG is leading #KarSalaam campaign to help Indian soldiers in every possible way. This year, LG gave a moving tribute to Korean War Veterans of India who participated in the year 1950 to 1953 and presented their families with LG air and water purifiers.


Campaign efforts like these often make brands name rhapsodize in customer’s mind for years to come. This branding helps us to choose L.G products in our daily lives as there is a connection between the philosophy of the brand. This is how brands can take advantage of the long form of content on YouTube.

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