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Akshay Chandra5 years ago

After much speculation and testing, Microsoft-owned professional networking platform LinkedIn is launching two new updates on “Mentor pairing” and “LinkedIn native video” in India.

LinkedIn Mentor Pairing:

First launched a month ago in San Francisco and Australia; LinkedIn Mentor Pairing allows users to find a mentor with whom they can talk things “about changing the job,” “ask helpful tips on a new job” and even improve their business networks beyond your reach.

How does LinkedIn mentorship work?

There will be a private dedicated “dashboard” that pops up on the user’s profile where they (as mentors) can showcase the different fields of expertise and list them publically just like we all do for LinkedIn recommendations.

LinkedIn Mentor Pairing
LinkedIn Mentor Pairing

So, if you are an apprentice, then you can request mentorship in that topic, LinkedIn automatically makes that match and then sends the user a message. Once both sides agree, they can start a conversion.

LinkedIn Native Video –

The constant rise of native video marketing prompted LinkedIn to make native video uploading more widely available positions. It also paves the way for new ad revenue and live video offerings for many industry influencers, companies, and new startups. It also cuts out the hectic process of embedding videos from other video platforms.

Enabling native uploading is bound to increase the amount of video content available on LinkedIn. And the more video there is on the platform, the more its users will seek it out.

Monetization through LinkedIn video:

At present, there is no sign of LinkedIn servicing video ads, but in future, there is a natural possibility to do so. By using natively uploaded videos as new ad inventory for more than 500 million members, the company would be able to increase its overall ad load without cluttering users’ feeds or profiles.

Native video limits the extensive use of Facebook by providing an option on LinkedIn’s platform itself for various companies and agencies. Here are the five important takeaways from LinkedIn’s new native video platform.

  • LinkedIn native video now enables employees to showcase what they are doing in their current job. Thus, a veterinary doctor can showcase his work, or a designer showcasing a new product.
  • It helps startups and other companies to showcase their workplace and benefit from company culture; which inspires employees who are searching for a job.
  • It’s a potential moneymaker once LinkedIn extends it beyond business people to businesses themselves.
  • You will get a better view of audience insights for uploaded videos including companies, locations, and titles of viewers will be available in the dashboard section of users’ LinkedIn profiles.
  • Like videos on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr, videos on LinkedIn play automatically and with the sound off by default and counts a view once a video has played for three seconds.
Basic Requirements

The video must be at least 3 seconds long and can’t exceed 10 minutes. The maximum file size is 5GB. Remember, people have short attention spans, so it’s a good idea to keep your videos shorter than 3 minutes.

How to upload Native Video on LinkedIn:

To share native video on LinkedIn,

  • Open the app on your mobile device. In the share box on the home screen, tap the video camera icon and upload or capture your video.
  • Add text (up to 700 characters) to your update to describe your video.
  • As with normal updates, add links, tag people if you mention them, and include relevant hashtags.
  •  When you’re finished, tap Post just as you would for a regular update.
  •  LinkedIn also lets you add the native video link to your profile via the mobile app. Click the three dots icon at the top right of your post and choose Copy Link to Post.
  • Then go into your profile settings, edit your intro section, and upload the video to Media.
  • You can also add the video link to any Media section or share the link on Facebook.
To conclude –

The unique advantage that LinkedIn native video has is it caters to business people. Unlike other social media platforms’ native video analytics, LinkedIn breaks down a video’s viewership based on viewers’ companies, job titles, and locations. So, you can use LinkedIn native video to introduce yourself and your company, and talk about how you can help viewers.

Create videos that answer FAQs in your industry or company, show instructional videos, and demos, or promote a book, webinar, or class. Generate video content that connects your type of industry. If it’s a software-based company, then propagate the trends in your domain, answer FAQ’s, provide demos and a virtual tour of your product.


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