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Recently, we checked Maruti’s presence on video platforms such as Facebook and YouTube. Surprisingly, their YouTube channel’s subscribers were nothing in comparison of their Facebook followers.

Maruti YouTube and Facebook Fans

Maruti in Market

If we look segment-wise, the following cars were topping the charts. Maruti Alto is leading the market segment, but with heavy competition by Renault Kwid in Entry segment, and Duster in Compact SUV’s segment, it’s safe to say that Renault it’s doing its best to move ahead of Maruti brand.

Market share of top automobile companies
Market share of top automobile companies

In terms of whole market share, Maruti is still leading the market share with 42% for the year June 15 to June 16. Considering the steady growth and the brand recall of this age old trusted brand, dislodging Maruti takes time and a great deal of advertising a reliable product.

Maruti On YouTube –

But, with the help of Indian influencers on YouTube, Maruti managed to get wide exposure of 54,017,777 Views through YouTube automobile influencers like Autocar, Overdrive, Autoportal, PowerDrift etc.

Note: The following report is generated on the basis of more than 500 videos having MARUTI on their title.
ViewCount –

Highest View Count for Maruti’s brand is generated by Autocar India’s YouTube channel with a total view count of 7728834 distributed in 28 videos. Autocar India also has the most Liked videos compared to all the 500 videos searches related to the Brand Maruti.

YT channels that used Maruti as Keyword
YT channels that used Maruti as Keyword

But the best average is generated by PowerDrift’s YouTube channel; which generated more than 18 million views with only 7 videos.

Maruti Like Count vs YT Channels
Maruti Like Count vs YT Channels

In terms of the YouTube channel with the most content uploaded for Maruti, is Auto Portal. This Automobile focused YouTube channel has posted 42 videos related to Maruti’s brand and has generated more than 48 million YouTube viewership in total.

Maruti YouTube Content
Maruti YouTube Content
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