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With online access becoming more and more affordable every year, digital content consumption has been rising considerably every year. Especially in developing economies. And one of the biggest success stories of this digital revolution has been YouTube. The success of YouTube has not only benefitted thousands of content creators on YouTube, but has also produced ancillary industries like that of the MCNs.

For the uninitiated, YouTube Multi Channel Networks or MCNs are organizations that work with individual or groups of content creators. MCNs assist creators in tackling issues like production, promotion and online exposure; by funding them and by providing them with the right technology. And individual YouTubers have slowly come to realize that an MCN is only as good as the technological solution it provides. That’s why leading MCNs are always in the hunt for the perfect technology solution that fits their business needs.

However for most MCNs, this can be a challenging proposition because the business needs are different for different networks. But this problem will be history with the introduction of Vidooly’s flexible MCN dashboard. We, at Vidooly are extremely excited to announce that we have released an end-to-end Content Management Solution that can fit the bill for MCNs of any size and make!

A basic overview of what it’s all about:

Vidooly’s MCN dashboard is perfect for networks that are looking for a solution that can help them manage their business end-to-end. Right from onboarding a partner channel to managing payments. With the seemless integration of administration and the financial modules, MCNs can find all the data they need in a single place. This not only reduces cost overhead due to the usage of multiple technologies, it improves the performance of the MCN admin team.

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Awesome features for awesome MCNs

Here’s a detailed overview of the features that an MCN gets with Vidooly’s Youtube channel management solutions:

1. Partner channel identification:

The intuitive search feature lets MCNs search and find prospective channel partners whose content resonates with their audience. They can also get an in-depth performance analysis of the channel so that prospecting becomes easier. Reaching out to these prospective partner channels with a proposal can also be done from within the dashboard.

Identify Channel Partners

2. Partner Channel Onboarding:

Onboarding a new channel as a partner is the first and most important step for an MCN. Once a fitting channel is selected, contract sharing can be done from within the dashboard. So, all the contracts are in a centralized place for easy review.

3. Partner performance analysis:

After acquiring a partner, the MCN can use actionable real-time analytics data to fine-tune their videos and optimize their channel. They can also get in-depth analysis of the partner channel’s audience behavior. Note that this feature is not only available for the MCN admin, the respective partner channel can also be given permission to access this useful data. So, the creator can optimize the channel using the technology and MCN can just oversee the progress and ensure that everything’s on track.

4. Finance module:

Partner payout management can be a real headache for bigger MCNs. More the partners, more will be the complications in managing finances. However, with this powerful feature, MCN admins can find the earning reports of all partner channels as well as the entire MCN in a centralized place for better analysis. Also, the payout can be done from within the dashboard!

5. Audience Development:

An MCNs performance is only as good as the performance of its partner channels. The dashboard comes with Audience Development features like community management, social media management, keyword/tag suggestions and a handful of others. Using these features, the MCN can help the partner channels build their YouTube audience strategically.

6. User management

The dashboard also comes with powerful and intuitive User Management features. The MCN admins can hold the super admin status and give Channel Admin status to the admins of the respective channels. This essentially means that the tool is helpful not just for the MCN admin to manage things better for the network, but also for the channel partners to optimize their respective channels. For big MCNs which manage hundreds of channels, this can be extremely helpful as they don’t have to micro manage and build views and subscribers for all the partners.

User Management

To get a better understanding of how this works, you can get a live demo from one of our Product Specialists.

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