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Akshay Chandra4 years ago

PewDiePie lost more than 600 thousand YouTube bot subscribers in just a span of time. This purge can be a big blow to YouTube community as PewDiePie is the most subscribed YouTuber at present. Pewd’s expressed his rage against YouTube in the video which he uploaded just an hour ago titled “I’M LOSING SUBS.”

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The Bug Effect

Team YouTube’s Twitter handle acknowledged the loss of subscribers stating the reason that bug has prevented changes in subscriber counts from being accurately displayed publicly on youtube creators’ channels.

But, PewDiePie is not the only youTuber to lose subscribers due to this unexpected bug effect. On June 16, YouTube Blogspot posted an update focusing on removal of suspended accounts from all YouTube channel. So, in a way, it’s all planned, but SUBSCRIBERS NOT GETTING UPDATED is the real issue here.

Here is the list of Top 20 YouTubers (including Vevo) who lost their subscribers Just like PewDiePie did,

pewdiepie and youtubers loosing subs

Is this good for YouTubers ?

This new update gets rid of inactive subscribers so that you will have more active subscribers on your channel. What’s the meaning of having more than 500 thousand YouTube subs and get 10 thousand YouTube views?

It also fights on pay4subs, or other bot accounts through various website that YouTubers may have used to increase their YouTube subscribers (not PewDiePie though)

Will you get your lost Subscribers back?


And even if you message YouTube regarding this issue won’t get your subs back, so there is no point. And even if they did “give” subs back then they would just be inactive which makes it pointless. PewDiePie had real hard time with YouTube management. First, he got his Dimond play button after every Youtuber (who deserved) in a fancy YouTube ceremony, and then he lose more than 600 subscribers resulting his total subs count from 46 million to 45 million.

[rankya_youtube_schema id=”26qVo4kNMSU” videotitle=”I’M LOSING SUBS!!!!” desc=”PewDiePie lost more than six thousand YouTube subscribers and he is mad about it. ” durationmin=”4″ durationsec=”40″ uplod=”Jun 29, 2016″ rating=”TRUE”]


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