YouTube MarketingHow Social activism on women’s issues is on the rise on YouTube

Recently, a video released on Republic Day by #fame as Why rape is a joke in India (with #RapePublicDay, being used in the video as a pun). This  stand-up act by a woman,  who reiterates the idea of #rape, in India  being  so common and normal that ‘the rape culture’ is almost thriving in our very homes nourished by item songs and sleaze fest in terms of movies has shaken the YouTube eco-system. She extensively plays out the double-standards of our society where her vitriolic outburst does more than the needful.
Here’s the social media traction it generated over with over a million views.

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In this column, I personally advocate for such activism machinery to come up with better concepts and novelty to help build awareness and shun the moral policing which women are subjected to.

The sexist innuendos, with suggestive gestures, glorified through the Item songs, regressive customs and traditions inlaid in our culture, the gender –bias when dealt with guys and girls in every walk of life, is a stark reminder of how we as a country and as a society  have failed  when it comes to providing  safety to the ‘second sex’.

Do you remember, the video done by Kalki Koechlin and Juhi in association with AIB was again a hard slap of sarcasm on the free-wheeling patriarchy made exclusively for YouTube!

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With each passing day, these ‘instances,’ ‘rape’ me of my freedom to exercise choice in my clothes, looks, talk, behaviour, social life, (lest I do anything to get unwarranted attention in the form of being tailed, pesky calls, acid attacks and snooping) I refuse to add ‘cab –service to the list of chowmein, jeans and mobile phones things already deemed ‘rape-friendly. Kudos to the team Kalki and Juhi for voicing it so creatively, the sarcasm again being hard-hitting.

Those viral videos of different women walking through an eight- hour stretch through different parts of the city in NewYork, Delhi and Mumbai respectively, only reinforce the ‘embittered women experiences’ shunned across ethnicities and regions. They call it the mildest form of harassment read molestation but it still counts as one as this acceptable ‘being boys business’ grows through puberty often unchecked by busy parents.

Check out this video from last year, although it figures under the umbrella of a social experiment carried out by Hollaback,(to combat street harassment) and  it did propel a dialogue on eve-teasing globally, however later this woman (actress in the video)  Shoshana Roberts  is reported to have sought police protection as she received death threats on carrying out this ‘walk’!

Mumbai and Delhi weren’t far behind in carrying out this ‘walk’. The Delhi video is here:

All in all  there’s now, one more addition to the unfortunate compiled list ‘of what not to do to not get raped’- “Thou shall not book a night cab single woman” (since taking a bus at night has been totally ruled out, post the infamous ‘Nirbhaya Rape Case’), I might as well should pass out in a washroom if I am at a disc at night or wait till eternity irrespective of the place I am currently in, be it a railway station, office or a friend’s place- very viable options for me. But yes, I shouldn’t go out at night- why you ask because I do not want to get raped!

I apologise for being sarcastic as I got swept in the wave of YouTube activism.

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