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Yesterday, Snapchat announced a new update called Story Ads, that is going to be a big boon to brands and advertisers. These Story Ads is an ad format that will allow advertisers to reach audiences with the branded title in the Discovery Feed. In a way, Snapchat’s Story ads is an updated ad format of Promoted Stories.

How Is Story Ads going to help?

When using for your Snapchat campaign, an advertiser will only get 4 options Ad types which are specific to its limitation which we are going to discuss further on this blog. Story Ads in the ad manager is different than all other features altogether. Using this Story Ads feature, an advertiser can attach attachments, add trailer which can be watched by swiping up, provide app installs and even can take the viewer to its product page.

Snap Ads
With 3.5 billion snaps created each day and over 8 billion videos views per day; snapchatters are bound to use other available methods that are more effective before the arrival of Story Ads.

In this blog, we are going to discuss various methods a user can utilize to advertise on world’s fastest growing curated content generator using a smartphone.

Ways a brand can advertise on Snapchat:


Snap ads are 10-second ads that brands can use in “snapchatters” stories (but not between individual Snaps within a user’s Story). These ads are skiable video ads that won’t appear between auto saved story and won’t interrupt the narrative of any snap stories.

This feature was one of the big announcements that Snapchat made back in 2016 when Snapchat was at its peak. If brands are willing to use the long form of videos in their advertising campaign using SNAP ADS, then they can do now using “Expandable snap ads.” Through this, a viewer can swipe up on Snap chats ads, and view the long advertisement or even download an app.

At present, there are four types of Snap Ads in the Ad Manager.

  • Top snap only – Without any attachment drives views to your content
  • Web View – Swipe up to see brands website
  • App Installs – Make user download an app
  • Long Form of Video – Best way to showcase a long form of advertisement

The main difference between Snap ads and Story Ads is that Story ad allows an advertiser to take the snapchatter to the product page, show video, have app installs after swiping up. Plus, this also makes advertisers purchase 10 spots on discovery section.



If your brand is well known, and have fresh content or news 24/7, then this is the perfect feature to use. Snapchats Discover Channels is available only for few select publisher’s/media brands and is immensely costly to run a campaign every day.

Snapchat Ads

NOTE: All the media firms have to give Snapchat a cut of any ad revenue (typically 30%) that they generate on Discover.

For starters, there are only 20 ad spots on the Snapchat Discover Channels section. Right now, these are the brands in the discover channels section – CNN, Cosmopolitan, ESPN, Daily Mail, Buzzfeed Tasty, Vox, Vice, & People.

It’s not clear how much media outlets are paying to be included in the Discover feature, but the company has reportedly charged $750,000 for a single 24-hour ad on the service – AdAge report


Geofilters were introduced back in 2017 to have a complete on-ground campaign like experience for brands and Snapchat users. A basic On Demand Geofilter ad is when a snapchatter captures a picture or record a video and add an overlay design.

Personal Geo filters, on the other hand, doesn’t include any branding, logos, and promotion. This Personal Geo filters can be used to celebrate birthdays and other personal events. 


How to use Geofilters?

Just long in and click CREATE NOW.

Click the option “create online tool” and select one out of six options available.

Use drag & drop creative tools and create your own Geofilters. OR, you can use software’s like Illustrator or Photoshop and create an artboard of size 1080×1920. Export this in PNG format and keep the file size under 300 kb.

Select the dates you want the geo filters to be available.

Then, Snapchat will give you a map where you can select the area where you want your Geo Filters to be available.

Geofilter maps

Remember, an advertiser cannot select the entire city for his Geofilter campaign and will be charged based on the square footage of Geofence. So, always select small areas or buildings to have a successful Snapchat Geofilters campaign.

FYI: The max amount of money one can spend using a credit card is 15,000 dollars, and also, you can have 7 ad campaigns on one credit card.


This feature is perfect for events. Live Snap Stories help event organizers use the live snapchat recordings of users and advertise using that. This allows events to have more footfall on snapchat and provide in-the-moment perspective.

With music festivals like Coachella, Lollapalooza, Tomorrowland, Creamfields, and Rock Am Ring; brands are starting to capitalize on these live snapchat videos with a viewership of more than 15 – 20 million every day.


Arguably the app’s most popular feature, Snapchat’s lenses are the most playful and memorable way to increase awareness, on a massive scale. With one tap, you can invite Snapchatters into your world — and your story. This ad format is also loved by many brands who integrate these ads as per their campaign objective.



Above methods of advertising on Snapchat is not only specific to brands but also startups and events. This will not only help novice snapchatters to understand the complex marketing ecosystem but will also learn the ways to advertise the one video in a different ad format.

Snapchat is also testing 6-second skippable ads that can be launched in near future considering the fact that Snapchat reached 191 million daily active users and achieved the slowest growth rate of 2.13 percent in the history.


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