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Akshay Chandra4 years ago

After making a T.V series (The Neistat Brothers) for H.B.O, Casey Neistat diverted to the digital platform and started YouTube Vlogging because his son’s friends hate watching T.V.

Yes, that’s how important it has become to be on a YouTube channel rather than aim big Hollywood production houses. YouTube now has evolved from a traditional video sharing platform to extremely personalized T.V, and everyone wants to be a part of this growing trend.

Creating YouTube channels always had two objectives in their mind. First, to create content of his/her desires and then thinking how can I earn money through my YouTube channel?

To earn money through YouTube, the first step is to be a YouTube partner.

In order to become a YouTube Partner, you must meet three basic requirements:

  • Create original videos
  • Have permission to use and monetize all audio and video content
  • Upload Regularly
NOTE – Even with Zero uploads, views, subs, you can become a YouTube partner. But, monetization needs videos, views, and content.

Now that you are ready, here are the steps to be a YouTube partner.

  • Log into your YouTube channel,
  • On the L.H.S, CLICK –> Channel Settings
  • Then CLICK –> VERIFY button

You will be directed to an Account verification page. I.e.,

  • Select your country
  • Choose your six digits Verification Code via Call or Text options and CLICK –> Submit

After you confirm your number via given options, the following are advantages you are going to get after becoming a YouTube partner.

  • Let’s you link annotations to the external sites
  • Can upload videos more than 15 minutes
  • Add Custom Thumbnails
  • A YouTube Partner will have the ability to schedule your videos in advance.
  • Unlock the ability to monetize your YouTube channel video.
  • A YouTube partner can choose what videos he/she wants to monetize.

Also, the Content ID will take 30 days to verify, as with this option, you can appeal the rejected Content ID disputes. Beyond these functions, there isn’t much that partnering with YouTube will do for you. Remember that, YouTube partner is different than YouTube monetization as a YouTube partner gives you the ability to VERIFY for monetization.


Through monetization, you can earn money on your YouTube videos by displaying advertisements over them. Most of the aspiring YouTubers we have interacted had mixed opinions on monetizing their YouTube videos as they are still a very small channel.


Many Youtubers with significantly less Viewership/subs believe that displaying YouTube advertisement can hamper the channel growth since the amount earned through YouTube monetization is very low (less than $1.00/month), Youtubers believe that it’s not worth it until you grow your channel.

But, one of the reasons Vidooly asks Youtubers to monetize their videos is because they can become a returning viewer in the future, thus you don’t have to worry about making a decision on when the best time to monetize them is.

Apart from these, there are NO disadvantages. Not a single one.

YouTube Partner Program for MCN affiliates

Affiliate channels are the ones who are managed by Multi-Channel Networks, yet they chose to be its subsidiary. Owned and Operated are completely owned by MCN’s and assumes full liability for the content. So, it’s a requirement for all affiliate YouTube channels to join the YouTube Partner Program.


Akshay Chandra

Being an artist, movie buff and a media enthusiast, content writing is my career train. I am a proud alumni of Symbiosis Institute of Media Communication (Pune) and currently working for Vidooly.

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