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Facebook Creator Studio, which was initially rolled out to Facebook Page Admins, gave creators a tool to effectively manage and publish content on Facebook. For the same reason, we have bought to you this guide which will help you to connect Instagram to Facebook Creator Studio. Earlier this year, Facebook announced plans to merge Instagram, Facebook Messenger, and Whatsapp to allow cross-platform messaging.

Now, Facebook has integrated Instagram into Creator Studio to post, manage, view insights, and monetize content across all your managed Facebook Pages and Instagram accounts.Creator Studio is a great tool for marketers to engage with their followers and build a business. In other words, Creator Studio is an Instagram marketing platform to strategically plan and schedule posts, and in turn, earn impressions from the Instagram post content. For all these benefits, we will help you to connect Instagram to Facebook Creator Studio with this simple guide.

How to connect Instagram to Facebook Creator Studio to post from PC directly starting Windows

How to connect Instagram account to Facebook Creator Studio

 To manage posts, get insights and publish content, you need to link your Instagram account to the Facebook Creator Studio and before you begin,

  • Make sure you have a Facebook Page and an Instagram account
  • Convert your Instagram account to Creator Account or a Business Profile.
  • Link your Instagram account to a Facebook Page you manage.
    1. To link an Instagram account to Facebook Page, you need to have the admin role of that Facebook Page
    2. Go to your Instagram profile and tap on the Hamburger icon
    3. Tap Settings
    4. Go to Accounts, then Linked Accounts and select Facebook
    5. Enter your Facebook Login information. By default, your Instagram account will be linked to your personal Facebook profile. To link to a Facebook Page, you can select a page you manage from the list ( If you have many )
    6. After that, go to your profile and click on edit profile button. On the next page, click on the page option and then select the Facebook page you have linked.

    How to connect Instagram to Facebook Creator Studio to post from PC directly starting Windows welcome screen

  • After you have linked your Facebook page to your Instagram account, visit Creator Studio on your desktop and click on the Instagram icon on the top
  1. How to connect Instagram to Facebook Creator Studio to post from PC

  • Now, click on Connect your Account. It will take you to a page to enter your Instagram credentials and from there you will be able to login into Instagram Creator Studio.

How to connect Instagram to Facebook Creator Studio to post from PC starting Instagram

  • After connecting your Instagram account, you can manage posts, check messages and Explore insights
  • On connecting your Instagram account to Creator Studio, anyone having a role of managing the linked Facebook account will be automatically granted access to Creator Studio’s Instagram section.

With the above given steps you will be able to connect Instagram to Facebook Creator StudioOnce connected, you can anytime switch between Instagram Creator Studio and Facebook Creator Studio by clicking on the icons in the center of the navigation bar

How to use Instagram Creator Studio

These options will show up after you connect Instagram to Facebook Creator Studio

In this section, we will explain the various sections of the Instagram Dashboard in Creator Studio

Instagram Content Library

The Content Library tab gives an overview of all your Instagram videos, photos, carousel, stories, and IGTV posts. You can narrow the search by applying filters such as Post Status ( All, Published, Archived) or organize the posts based on the date 

How to connect Instagram to Facebook Creator Studio to post from PC Content Library

For every post, you can view the basic data like Post Status, Date of Publish, and the count of Likes and Comments. You can find more detailed view and performance of a post by clicking on any of the posts in your list and tapping View post. 

View post will provide insights into how people have interacted and engaged with the post.

You can find other performance details of your post like the number of profile visits, website clicks, number of accounts reached and impressions received.

The insights will vary with the type of post you click on in the Content Library. For example, the detailed information of a story post will be slightly different from the information of a video post.         

Create Instagram Post & IGTV Content

Creator Studio offers a central medium to publish posts on both IGTV and Instagram feed. To start with, click “Create Post” in the top-left of the page and here you will see options for Instagram feed and IGTV.

How to connect Instagram to Facebook Creator Studio to post from PC Create Post

Note: Since Creator Studio has been launched recently there are some bugs. For example, some of the users are not able to find Create Post button in the Instagram section. As of now, Facebook is looking into it and soon it will open up the option for you.

How to connect Instagram to Facebook Creator Studio to post from PC Create Post select account

On selecting ‘Instagram feed,’ a window will open on the right side of the screen where you can write a caption, upload image or images in case of carousel post and add location  While uploading an image, you can crop the image and choose Square, Landscape and Vertical view.

How to connect Instagram to Facebook Creator Studio to post from PC Publish post

After finalizing the image, click on the down arrow beside the Publish button and select “Schedule” to choose a date and time to publish the post. Once done, click on “Schedule” button and the post will be published at the set time by the Creator Studio.

Instagram Insights 

In the left-hand navigation menu, you will find the Insights tab to view your Instagram account analytics, which can help you better understand your post’s performance and analyze how the audience is interacting with the content. Under the Insights tab, you can view the Activity Insights and Audience Insights. The Creator Studio collects insights from only the past seven days and includes metrics of organic and paid activity.

Activity Insights 

In the Activity section of the insights, you can track the number of impressions of your content and view the data such as profile visits, website visits and accounts reached (number of unique accounts that have seen the post). 

Audience Insights

In the audience insights section for Instagram, you can view the audience data for the last seven days like age and gender of Instagram followers, when your followers are on Instagram, top countries and cities where your followers are located. 

So, this was all about the basics of How to connect Instagram to Facebook Creator Studio. To become a Pro, follow the above given guide and do share your experience with us.

Creator Dashboard

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