Tips & TricksHow to create a Private Playlist for your videos on YouTube

Want to create a private Playlist for your videos?

Well, the first question which pops in your minds is why the hell should you be making your Videos private and there are a number of reasons for doing the same.

Firstly, you might not want to disclose your private home-videos to the public but your friends & family.

Secondly, in case of any controversy regarding the content be it explicit or offensive, you don’t have to pull down the video but simply make it private.

And seemingly for other reasons, there are times which warrant us to hide or make our videos private.

Here are a few simple steps following which you’ll be able to set your playlist to private

  • Log on to YouTube and access your creator’s studio where you’ll find the Video Manager tab
  • Click on Video Manager to navigate the playlist option
  • Create a new Playlist & with the desired title
  • Now, with the drop down playlist title, you have to set the playlist to ‘private’

YouTube Dashboard 6 (1)

Voila, here you go and share your videos in private, Happy YouTubing!

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