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Facebook, with over 2.23 Billion monthly active users, is an ocean full of just the right customers for your business.

For all brands and creators looking to expand their business and be visible in the densely crowded market, Facebook is a blessing. Targeting specific customers, customizing audience, creating look alike audience and tapping into fresher markets is easier with Facebook business.

Knowing how to create a Facebook business page brings along a lot of unexplored opportunities for brands aspiring to become top stars on digital media.

how to create a Facebook business page

With regular changes in Facebook and its algorithm patterns, starting off business on Facebook is beneficial. Managing ad campaigns, creating content for its viewers and reaching out to right customers at the right time can be done with the application.

Therefore, it is necessary to begin with a business page that will add value to the overall marketing strategy.

Learn how to create a Facebook business page in steps

1. Go to the upper right corner of your Facebook account and click on “create” and choose “page” option to begin with the business page.

You can also click on the link below to land on the same page and get started.


After selecting the option, the page will provide you with two major sections to select from as per need and they are “Business or Brand” and “Community and Public Figure”. 

how to create a Facebook business page

As we are discussing about how to create a Facebook business page, you can click on the first option that is “Business or Brand”

2. Fill in the basic details asked by Facebook such as:

a. Page name


c. Address

d. Phone number

One can change the category later after page creation but changing the name of page is not possible here.

3. Facebook will prompt you to add a profile picture and cover picture for better presentation of the brand.

You can choose to upload a profile picture of 170 Pixel width and 170 Pixel length in dimensions, preferably in square shape.

It will be adjusted in a circle to be visible on all your posts and uploads later. You can upload your brand logo on this space to ensure that viewers recognize it better.

how to create a Facebook business page

While selecting cover picture one must understand that it is a major part of your business home page thus, it is advisable to pay more attention to this section.

You can upload any picture or motion image that represents your message or thoughts clearly. It is wise to create an image which is entertaining, informative and depicts your brand beliefs properly.

As cover pictures will be viewed on both desktops and smart phones along with other vertical devices, keeping its dimensions as 820 x 462 Pixels is advisable.

After uploading images and dragging them to adjust, you can click on “save” to confirm the page layout.

4. Next you must fill out all the detailed information about the page that you have begun. In order to proceed with this, you can click on “settings” and go to “page info”. 


how to create a Facebook business page

You can also click on the “see all page tips” that appears in the center of your screen to fill out information.

5. The sections to be filled will be under these tags:

a. Description- to let people know the overall intention of the page in 155 characters.

b. Categories- audiences can search for your page using these categories therefore, add up to three options.

c. Contact information- as simple as the name suggests here. Add your website link and other CTA’s

d. Location- You can add an address or specify the location of your shop if any.

e. Hours- specify the hours you will be open for audiences.

f. More- With this option you can specify other information like price range.

Just to know how to create a Facebook business page is not enough, one must use smart ways to create attractive page for the viewers too. You can add more information on the about section in the page after giving all inputs as in above point. Adding business stories, awards, tags and achievements are wise tips too.

6. You can create a username for your page which will make it easier for your target customers to find you on Facebook. This will also provide you with a customized page URL that you can share with others.

how to create a Facebook business page

Add a button to your page and make sure people can easily land on your respective business websites with it. By adding a button, you place a prominent CTA below your cover picture which is a good practice to drive traffic.

7. The page can be easily customized and the looks can be manipulated as per needs. You can click on “templates and tabs” option in your page settings to change the way your page tabs are arranged for a better look.

Using this option, you can choose which tabs should be seen on your page and in which particular order.

how to create a Facebook business page

There are pre-set templates by Facebook that you can use to design the page. Each of these templates have their own CTA buttons which you can see by clicking on “view details” option.

8. Add details about the page admins and managers who are the key collaborators of your page by selecting “page roles” from page settings.

how to create a Facebook business page

The page can display the details of the Admin, Editor, Moderator, Advertiser and Analyst after you have assigned the roles to their respective Facebook accounts.

9. Now your page is all set for its first post and brand establishment online.

Do not miss out on reading and gradually understanding your audience through the insights the site offers you for every post. This way you can grow audience, influence customers and sell your product/service easily on Facebook.

Now that you know how to create a Facebook business page, get started with it and make more business.

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