ListsHow to Create Facebook Lead Ads to Grow your Business?

Facebook Lead Ads are basically promoted online ad forms that can be published with Facebook ad publishing tools. These can be used to collect information & offer appropriate CTAs to people at the same time. These Lead Ads are a great way to gather the target leads on social media platforms.

Creating these Facebook Lead Ads forms is easy with the tools and features on the site that simplify categorising and customising form question effectively for the best information collection. This instant form can be designed through the Facebook page as well as the business Ads manager.

 Facebook Lead Ads

Users must connect with legal advisers and check with the Lead ads terms and advertising policies to avoid any uncertain and unnecessary issue. It is a must for companies to have an official URL to get their privacy policies added to the form. Finally, these forms are a great way to promote and boost the growth of the business.

Steps to create Facebook Lead Ads for business growth

Marketers and users with a business page can follow these steps to create complete functional Facebook Lead Ads to run successful lead generation campaigns on Facebook.

  1. Log on to the Facebook Page
  2. Click on the Publishing tools option on the left side menu list
  3. Look for the Lead Ads Forms and click on Forms library option below it
  4. Select + Create option, to begin with, new Facebook Lead Ads
  5. Either choose New Form or Duplicate an Existing Form as per requirement and click on Next
  6. Name the form in the Create Form window in its Form Name field
  7. Choose the type of instant form required in the form type It has two options:
    1. More Volume- a type of quick form that allows respondents to finish and submit effectively even on a mobile device
    2. Higher Intent- provides a reviewing chance to users for their confirmation before they finally submit their information on the form
  8. Fill up the Intro section with a background introduction image along with headlines, captions and descriptions explaining the types of products and services.
  9. Add up to 15 questions in the Question section by clicking on the + Add Question As the questions are customised they tend to fetch more appropriate information. Moreover, prefill questions can be added to get basic user information
    1. A short note or description of how the user information will be used can be added in the Description field of prefill questions. One may only use the information collected in the lead ad for a similar purpose defined
    2. Information that is being asked can be added as categories by clicking on the + Add category
  10. Add Link text and URL in the Privacy Policy field of Privacy section. Additional disclaimers can be added by clicking on +Add custom disclaimer on the instant form.
  11. In the Completion section, user can add the headline, description, link and CTAs to help leads with the further process. It keeps them engaged after submission of the form. The headline and call-to-action fields may hold up to 60 characters
  12. Click Form Preview to get the final look of the desired form
  13. Click on Publish button to complete the form. In order to make changes later, click on save draft. Remember, once the form is published, admin cannot edit it
  14. After completing the ad, click on Boost to use it in an ad. Choose an image or video that will appear over the form ad along with the text, audience, budget and duration. Finally, click Promote to run the ad

Now, when people click on the ad they are directed to the on-Facebook or on-Instagram Instant form. The forms may then be filled by interested users on the platform that will then act as an important lead for the campaign.

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