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Recently we were asked – how a YouTube Channel can help their small business run better, and how to build your youtube campaign starting right from beginning ?

Starting your first YouTube advertising campaign for your brand means you have gathered your inventory, have your business plan ready, and you are prepared to advertise your brand in different parts of the world.

YouTube will help you promote your brand in different demographics, but for that, you need to understand the basics and how you are going to shape your campaign.

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For that, first, you need to create your Youtube channel and upload content related to your brand. If it’s a vlogging/personal channel, then prefer uploading few videos and wait for a reaction.

You cannot advertise your first video on your youtube channel without having some new content for your returning visitors. So, if you want to start selling your product or promote your creative content, then prefer opting advertising after you build your YouTube channel.

Also, if you are not a pro on youtube, and need to understand the terminology, then you can check our blog called YOUTUBE GLOSSARY: TERMINOLOGY THAT EVERY VIDEO CREATOR SHOULD BE AWARE OF

So, without further ado, let’s start optimizing your youtube advertising campaign.


After creating and uploading your content on your youtube channel, you need to visit OPTIMIZE YOUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL (HOMEPAGE SETUP). This blog will teach you how to ADD social media LINKS, change the logo, channel art, create custom channel sections, and upload thumbnails for your content. Follow the instructions mentioned there to have a professional looking youtube channel.


As you complete your homepage setup, you need to optimize your videos using Youtube’s Creator Studio. The creator studio app is specifically designed for youtube creators to manage their channels. Here you can check the basic analytics of your YouTube channel, optimize your videos, find creator commons audio samples and much more.

Click OPTIMIZE YOUR CREATOR STUDIO to start creating a playlist, adding watermark, use annotation and cards, learn how to add the description in your videos, and showcase your video in between video playback.

After you finish with the three blogs mentioned above, you will have a well functioning YouTube channel, with proper optimization. The steps you have taken till now will enhance the chances of your youtube channel’s videos to appear in the search results.

Without optimizing your video title, description, links, and keywords; one cannot expect to generate desiring viewership.

Step 3 – Launch your YouTube campaign on Adwords

Now if you own your business or don’t have an MCN for your youtube channel, then we suggest you to have your  AdWords account.

If not, then create your personal Adwords account, and if this is your first campaign on youtube ads, then you can link your youtube channel at the end of this process.

Here is a simple step by step process explained with images.

If you have your AdSense account linked to your youtube channel, then you would be eligible for monetization. This means you can generate income by allowing advertisers to run their ads on your youtube channel. To learn the whole process of how your youtube channel can earn money, visit HOW DO PEOPLE EARN MONEY FROM YOUTUBE. Here you can determine the minimum requirements to monetize your videos and will help you to grant access to your YouTube channel from Google Adsense account.

NOTE – If you are at this stage, you must have your video ads ready.

Now, let’s start the campaign

Step 4 – Create Campaign Page

Log into your AdWords account and enter the campaign name in the “Campaign Name” section.

How to create & run a successful YouTube advertising campaign

Then, choose Video from the type drop-down menu for advertising on YouTube. Also, you will be giving three campaign subtypes for Mobile app installs, Shopping and Standard advertising settings.

how to start your youtube ad campaign

Come Up With a Bidding Strategy

Your daily budget is the average amount that you’re comfortable spending each day on this campaign. Once you meet your average daily budget, your ads may stop showing. Traffic fluctuates, so you may spend up to 20% more than your daily budget on a given day.

  • Once you meet your average daily budget, your ads may stop showing. Traffic fluctuates, so you may spend up to 20% more than your daily budget on a given day.
  • In the Delivery Method, a standard delivery distributes your budget, when limited, and audience reaches throughout the day.
  • Accelerated delivery shows your ads as soon as reasonably possible, which may cause your ads not to appear at all from later in the day until the start of the next day.

Choose Your Networks

This is where you where you want YouTube search to show your video ads on result pages. Here you can use in display ads only.

YouTube videos show video ads on the YouTube homepage, watch and channel pages. You can use in-stream and in-display ads in .

If you choose the “Video partners”, then you can extend the reach of your video ads to a collection of sites and apps in the Google Display Network (GDN). Here, you can use in-stream and in-display ads.

Once you meet your average daily budget, your ads may stop showing. Traffic fluctuates, so you may spend up to 20% more than your daily budget on a given day.

Choose Your location and demographics

Here, choose which location you want to target your advertisement. Click on Advanced search where you can get a detailed visual world map where you can exclude and include different countries as per your requirement.Once you meet your average daily budget, your ads may stop showing. Traffic fluctuates, so you may spend up to 20% more than your daily budget on a given day.

TIP – You can choose Vidooly’s tool to get the accurate demographics for your YouTube channel. If you understand your audience and from where they are located, then you can get a better click through rate for your video campaign.

Choose your devices

Whether it’s desktop, tablet or Mobile, you can choose the platform for your advertisement here. Here you will be given three Sub-category for your device targeting. Let’s discuss one by one,

– Operating Systems

There are different types of operating systems like Android, ios, Windows, etc. If you want to be specific, then chick “Let me choose” and select your platform. “Let me choose” and select your platform.

Device Modes –

Here you can target various smartphone manufacturer.

Operators and Wifi –

Every country has their own telecom operators available to choose. Eg – Airtel, BSNL in India, Verizon, AT&T in the USA.

Advanced Settings

Here you can schedule a date and ad delivery options. Also, if you click “+ Create custom schedule”, then you plan your ads at a given moment for a particular day. In this way, you can create a plan for the whole week in one go.How to create & run a successful YouTube advertising campaign

Ad Delivery

To deliver your ads, you can choose the frequency of your ads getting displayed in your campaign. If you decide to optimize for conversions, then your ads are expected to provide more conversions are delivered more often.

But, if there isn’t sufficient conversion data, the system will optimize for more views.  This stage will help you to get the most out of your campaign.

Click Save and Continue

Name your Ad group

Now, you will be directed to “Create an ad group and ad.” You need to understand that AdWords work in three layers. We finished “Account”, “Campaigns” and now we create “groups”. Groups are a set of similar keywords for your product with similar ads.

So, suppose if you have two products, 1. “Shampoo,” 2. Pet shampoo; then you can assign all the keywords related to shampoo in one group and create another group with keywords related to the pet.How to create & run a successful YouTube advertising campaign

Now you are at the stage where you need to choose between In-Stream ads or In-Display ads. Just copy/paste the URL of your ad from your YouTube channel.

When you do that, you will be given two options to choose from.

  • In-Stream Ads
  • In- Display Ads

How to create & run a successful YouTube advertising campaign

Selecting – In-Stream Ad

In-Stream ads – Are the advertisements shown while the video is in play mode. These are 30-second ads where the audience will have the option to SKIP after few seconds. Here you will have two choices.

  • On Youtube
  • On partner websites

How to create & run a successful YouTube advertising campaign

Selecting -In-display Ad

Here your ads will be shown in the search result in the top Golden triangle of YouTube search bar. To run a successful advertising campaign, you need to understand the kind of advertisements you are going to opt.

So, let’s simplify in layman’s language

  • On YouTube search results – Ads shown after the search results
  • On YouTube related videos – Ads shown in the right column of video playback page.
  • As a YouTube overlay – The transparent box that pops after few seconds.
  • On partner websites – Show your ads on listed partner site.

How to create & run a successful YouTube advertising campaign

Bidding :

Determine the max price you are willing to pay for your ads. Click HERE to know more about the bidding process.How to create & run a successful YouTube advertising campaign

Set Your Targeting Options

With demographic targeting, you can reach customers who are likely to be within the demographic groups that you choose. You can choose the Gender, Age, and Parental status of your youtube channels or product demographics.

Interests – is one of the important aspects of your advertising campaigns. Suppose, if your brand relates to PET FOOD, then you would like to target the youtube audience having similar interests and channels.How to create & run a successful YouTube advertising campaign

Further Targeting

In order to optimize your campaign fuhrer, you can target individuals by keywords, topics, or websites where you would like your video ad to appear.

  • In keywords, you can enter the list of Keywords you shortlisted for your youtube campaign.
  • In placements, you can enter the links or names of AdWord certified Youtube channels.
  • Remarketing is where either your chosen interests or your chosen remarketing lists will see your ad.
  • The topic is as we explained before, you can choose the related term or phrase.

Link your YouTube channel –

Linking your YouTube account will make sure that your ads run on particular youtube channel you choose. This step is critical as it will open the “monetization process” for your youtube channel also.


How to create & run a successful YouTube advertising campaign

Here is the screenshot of the pop up you are going to get after clicking the LINK button.Link An Adwords Account Via YouTube

Fill in the assigned name of your youtube account and click FINISH.

how to link youtube chnnels to adwords

Now you can check your youtube account ID

how to link youtube chnnels to adwords

Now, you will receive a notification on your youtube account once registered in your AdWords account. Link An Adwords Account Via YouTube

After you click the pop-up, you will get your brand’s logo of your youtube channel appearing in the channel list. (just as in the picture shown below)Link An Adwords Account Via YouTube

Now when we click VIEW REQUEST, you will get a pop up asking you to “Confirm” your link request.Link An Adwords Account Via YouTube

After you do that, you will get a confirmation that your YouTube channel is connected to the Adwords account. (Check snapshot below)Link An Adwords Account Via YouTube

When you link your youtube account, your campaign is ready.

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