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The popular photo and video sharing application have come a long way from where it began. Right from incorporating video share options like stories and IGTVs to launching the Reels, a 15 seconds video-creating concept, Instagram has upgraded itself to match the user expectations.

The Facebook-owned social media networking service, the Instagram application is used by millions of users worldwide that are growing each day. People can connect with their family, friends and followers on the app through various ways like sharing stories, images, live videos or just DMing. With the lockdown, users started finding ways to stay most connected and engaged with their loved ones and that is how the demand for group video calls and chats started popping up.

As staying in trend remains one of the most important agenda of any social media site, Instagram messenger room came to the rescue of all active users on it.

What is an Instagram messenger room?

As part of the Facebook messenger, Instagram users can create and access video chat room for up to 50 people through the application. The Instagram messenger room is basically hosted on a messenger app that means one has to switch applications to be a part of the chat. Logically, we can call the Instagram messenger room as an in-app shortcut to the messenger application of Facebook.

instagram messenger room

It is free, easily accessible and comes with no upper time limit hence, called “serendipitous and fun” by Zukerberg, founder of Facebook. A private room can be created by anyone anytime and other users can be invited using a link. Groups for events and other specific groups can also be created in the same manner or one can just invite all friends and wait to see people add themselves on it.

Understanding Instagram messenger room is easy. All one needs to do is invite up to 50 people from Instagram direct to join the room that will open in messenger or just share links on other places for anyone to join.

How to create or set-up an Instagram messenger room?

One can follow the steps below to set up an Instagram messenger room for group chats and calls.

  1. Open the Instagram application
  2. Log in to the Instagram account on the device
  3. Tap on the Direct messaging icon on the top right of the homepage
  4. There will be two options sliding next to each other. One is ‘Chats’ and the other is ‘Rooms’, click on the latter
  5. This will show the title that is ‘Video chat with anyone’ followed by the subhead ‘invite up to 50 people to join a video chat, even if they don’t have Instagram or Messenger’.                                                           Instagram messenger room
  6. There is a clickable option ‘Create room’ in the same space. Click on it
  7. The next screen shows a button ‘create room as [Facebook profile name]’ at the bottom of it. Click on it
  8. Search for the people accounts you want to add to the room by typing their name in the search bar or by scrolling the list below and clicking next to it
  9. Add a message about the room and tap ‘send’ followed by clicking on ‘join room’ option
  10. The link can be copied and shared with other people on Instagram
  11. The screen opens up with the Messenger app after clicking on ‘Ok’ to continue
  1. Click on ‘join on the room lobby screen’ that will add a user to the chat room with the Messenger name
  2. Click on ‘copy link’ in order to share the Instagram messenger room with people not available on Instagram itself

Remember to join the room before anyone else joins it after creating it.

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