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Mark Zuckerberg in a 2019 Facebook report revealed that the average time spent by a person on Facebook, Facebook Messenger, and Instagram is around 20 minutes in a day, which means there is a massive opportunity for local businesses and brands to target the potential audience and increase brand awareness. Facebook has over 60 million local business pages, and to remain competitive on the platform, more and more businesses are relying on Facebook advertising to maximize their reach and drive both on and off-line sales. But with the ever-changing algorithms, the introduction of new ad types, and advancements in targeting a custom audience, there is a need to master Facebook ads to remain on the top in a competitive market that has over 6 million advertisers. This is where Facebook Blueprint Certification program for digital advertising professional comes into the picture

What is Facebook Blueprint Certification?

Facebook Blueprint Certification is the only global accreditation exam offered by Facebook to help digital marketing advertisers learn the basics and best practices of Facebook advertising and gain expertise over Facebook’s products and services, including advertisements on Facebook and Instagram.

Getting a Facebook Blueprint certification sets you apart from thousands of others using Facebook ads and validates your expert level proficiency in understanding the intricacies of advertising on Facebook and its related applications like Instagram and Facebook Messenger. Upon clearing the certification exam, the candidate gets a unique digital badge that can be shared on social media networks, email signature, CV’s, and elsewhere. This certification program boosts credibility, career and definitely your resume, which further helps in growing your career in the digital marketing industry

Facebook Blueprint Certification exams and pattern

There are six Facebook Blueprint Certification exams recognizing various proficiency levels (Associate and Professional) with varying exam duration and learning content. You can prepare for these exams with free online courses on digital marketing with Facebook.

facebook course catalog

The various available exams are:

  1. 100-101: Facebook Certified Digital Marketing Associate (Associate)
    digital associate

    Exam Audience
    – students, job seekers, and entry-level marketers
    Exam Duration – 90 minutes
    Languages the exam is available in English
    Course Outline –  covers the foundation concepts of advertising on Facebook, Instagram and Messenger ( the value of Facebook, platform presence, advertising fundamentals, create and manage ads, reporting)
  2. 400-101: Facebook Certified Media Planning Professional (Professional)
    Media Planning professional certificate

    Exam Audience
    – Digital planners, programmatic planners, media planners, marketing consultants, comms planners
    Exam Duration – 105 minutes
    Languages the exam is available in English, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, Traditional Chinese, French and Korean
    Course Outline –  measures competency at complete designing of Facebook marketing strategy aligned to business goals ( learning and insights, assessments, media recommendation, campaign performance monitoring)
  3. 410-101: Facebook Certified Media Buying Professional (Professional)
    Media Buying Associate
    Exam Audience
    – Account salespeople, account managers, account executives, social media managers, marketing executives, digital media buyers, marketing consultants, brand marketers
    Exam Duration – 105 minutes
    Languages the exam is available in English, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, Traditional Chinese, French and Korean
    Course Outline –  checks advanced competency in advertising policies, tools, skills, and best practices to buy ads on Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram (campaign planning, setup, optimization, measurement, and reporting)
  4. Facebook Certified Ads Product Developer I (Professional)
    Ads Product Developer I

    Exam Audience
    – Software developers, technology consultants, freelancers, technical account managers,  IT consultants, technical partner managers, web developers
    Exam Duration – 90 minutes (multiple-choice exam: 500-101 and coding exercise: 500-201)
    Languages the exam is available inEnglish
    Course Outline – checks technicalities of marketing solutions and is required for the Technical Services program (technical service partners to manage technical issues across Facebook’s ad tools)
  5. Facebook Certified Ads Product Developer II (Professional)
    Ads Product Developer II

    Exam Audience
    – Technology integrators, freelancers, software developers, technology consultants, web developers
    Exam Duration – 90 minutes (multiple-choice exam: 510-101 and coding exercise: 510-201)
    Languages the exam is available inEnglish
    Course Outline – checks technicalities of advanced marketing solutions with the course covering SDK/app events for Android and iOS, verticalized dynamic ads, and offline conversions. This is also a part of the Technical Service program.
  6. Facebook Certified Ads Product Developer III (Professional)
    Ads Product Developer III

    Exam Audience
    – Technology integrators, software developers and engineers, solutions architects and technology consultant
    Exam Duration – 90 minutes (multiple-choice exam: 520-101 and coding exercise: 520-201)
    Languages the exam is available inEnglish
    Course Outline – checks competency in configuring and troubleshooting marketing API integrations covering Setup Infrastructure, Write code, and troubleshoot. This too is a part of Technical Service program.

Exam fees and the certificate validity

Each exam costs up to equivalent of USD 150, and the cost varies as per country. The same is available at the time of checkout process.

The certification expiration date varies with the exams and once expired, a candidate has to again take the test to retain the status.

Score to become certified

The Facebook Blueprint Certification exam result ranges from 300-1000 with a minimum score of 700 to pass on a scaled scoring system. If the score is below 700, the candidate is eligible to retake it after five days with a full chargeable fee.

Within 24 hours of completing the exam, the score is available for download in CertMetrics under your Blueprint Certification profile.

How and where to take the exam?

You can easily access and complete the secure online proctored Facebook Blueprint Certification exam at your convenience, i.e., at your home or office, or can schedule the exam at your nearest Pearson test center. All the exam details are available on

Digital Badge

Upon successful completion of the Facebook blueprint certification program, the candidate gets a unique digital badge that can be used on social platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn, your CV’s and elsewhere. The badge includes your certification information and can be easily verified online. The badge is proof of expertise in Facebook advertising and gives you an edge over others in the marketing industry.

practice test planning

So, try out some practice tests and start adding certificates to your portfolio and don’t forget to share your experiences and suggestions in the comments section below.

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