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How to Increase YouTube Video Views through Facebook? Read here how you can gain more views on YouTube through Facebook Video Marketing.

Well, it all comes down to the algorithms of facebook. To capitalise on the success of one social medium via another is not an uphill task as it might be proclaimed unless you know the tips and tricks to do just that.

In the facebook world, a relatively newer property launched in the domain of video i.e. fb’s native uploads makes it imperative for the host website (FB) to take  native uploads as a priority on view scale i.e. if a video is primarily uploaded on FB first, ‘twill get more preference on the news feeds  as well as of other people.

But if you want to bring traction to your YouTube native uploads, you need to keep the following points in mind.
Get to know the hierarchy or Edge Ranks (as relevant till early 2013, which helped determine the news feeds on one’s FB homepage) in facebook

Yeah… right, You need to know the rank placement of your YouTube post, by knowing what helps in ascertaining the positioning in the news feeds or how often it can pop up in someone’s search results and hence you should be acquainted with the following dynamics:

a) facebook gives preference to FB native uploads
b) Then comes the posts with images/pictures
c) Thirdly, the plain simple posts get embedded in news feeds
d) and lastly the posts with YouTube URL /link gets visibility.

So in order to turn the tables here, we need to smartly (read covertly)  package our YouTube posts, lest it is picked las,t in the news feeds algorithms.

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In order to achieve this you can:

1) Take a large freeze snap from the  video matching the thumbnail  on the YouTube or better make a teaser/trailer of the video to play into the curiosity quotient of the viewers.

2. Upload that image or upload the video teaser for better search ranks

3. In order to avoid any visible detection, you can shorten the YouTube URL of the video with a link shortener like bitly.

4. Try to give the link of the displayed playlist of the channel which will in turn, increase the watch time of the video by looping in people for more videos.

5. Always remember, to first upload the image and not the link first, FB increase views as it gets more interaction, share it as soon as possible. This process goes a long way in making the post reach

6. You could also use an Annotation/Call –to-Action button which could act as another landing page for the video to open on Youtube. Though it’s not a very popular tool and seldom works.

7. User initiative playbacks also help in increasing the views though you can’t solely depend on it. As people often mistakenly switch the playback option

8. Most importantly, @tag the people with the post. Thus @tagging the people with original post will boost the viewership exponentially as the post will figure in the news feeds of the people @tagged. Moreover, the names of these people also invariably become keywords or better tags which will increase the search results of the given posts.

So we gather, that FB too, could be used as a platform to promote your videos organically using the YouTube algorithms. Even after incorporating these steps you might not get the desired traction for we/you have the general tendency on facebook to like the post, even on a passive glance. So the theory of relative likes to that of views does not hold sturdy.Hence, to counter that fb came up with the views tab as well to help estimate the number of views a video garnered and spell out better traction reports generated per video.

For more such trivia and analysis, read our blogs to gain the maximum traction on your YouTube videos.

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