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Aravinda Holla4 years ago

As you might know already, most YouTube channels get more than half of their video views from people who aren’t subscribed to their channel. A substantial portion of these people like the videos, share them and even leave comments after watching it! What if you could reach out to them and ask them to subscribe to your channel?

Vidooly has a feature that lets you do exactly that!

One of the modules within the Vidooly tool for creators is called the Audience Dashboard. This sub-module has multiple features within it; and one of them is called Engaged Non-subscribers. This feature gives you a list of  the people who comment on your videos without subscribing to your channel. You even get easy access to their Google Plus profiles using which you can send messages to them.

potential youtube subscribers

But of course most people think that reaching out on Google plus will not help since it does not have an active user base like Facebook or Twitter. But most people these days are logged into their Gmail on their smartphones. So automatically, those who have the Google Plus app on their phones will be logged into their profiles. So, whenever you send a message to them, they get a notification on their phones. Like this:

google plus notifications in smartphones

So all you gotta do is – make that message sooper fun and interesting. And then voilà – you’ll slowly start seeing a spike in your subscriber growth!

Why don’t you take a Free trial of the tool to test it out now?!

Note: However do note that the data takes 2 hours to a day to get updated after you sign up. After that you can start doing this.

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