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For most people around the world, YouTube has long been the go-to platform for video viewing when it comes to information and entertainment. Millions of videos get uploaded every week sparking billionas of views and hundreds of thousands of interactions among the fans. These incredible numbers have created opportunities for creators, brands and all those involved in the ecosystem. But finding a name and niche in this cluttered space can be extremely challenging for YouTubers. To get consistent viewership, they have to constantly be on the lookout for new video ideas and this can get really difficult after a certain point.

That’s why, coming up with weird, fascinating and trending topic ideas for videos is of paramount importance for any serious YouTuber. In this blog, I’m going to cover some cool ideas that can help along the way:

Social News Aggregator Websites

Social new aggregator platforms is a great way to stay abreast of what’s happening in the world. These websites can come in handy since most of them rely on the readers to share information and build conversations around them.


Reddit is one of the most popular social news aggregation platform there is. The content shared on the platform gets upvoted by the users and there are hundreds of different subreddits which can be a goldmine of information for creators.


If you want to use Reddit as a platform that can drive views to your videos, be ready to receive brutally honest criticisms and trolls. This can be a tough ask since Reddit is known to be a harsh place for many people. Therefore, using it like a platform for content discovery is a better idea.

For example:

Instead of just posting your video and hoping for up-votes; engage with the audience. If you have a YouTube video idea, ask Redditors for their opinion.


Other content aggregators such Slashdot, Fark, and Newsvine are also helpful social news aggregator sites.

CLICK this Sub-Reddit form for young and inexperienced YouTubers to submit suggestions, improvements, or event informational submission for review

But in this cloud of content, you can also get a tool that first discovers the content relevant to your YouTube channel, then suggest you and analyze it using filters. Here is a step by step process of how you can discover content using Vidooly’s Creator wizard and how it works.

Content Discovery

content discovery
Content Discovery Cloud

YouTube has a large number of users who view multiple videos. Given the difficulty of searching videos, the size of the video repository also makes the discovery of new content a daunting task for any user. And most of these search results are based on metadata used in videos.

Using Vidooly’s creator wizard tool, you can get a detailed overview of any topic on YouTube. Find out what the topic is about, how many videos are there on the topic and how people receive the topics.

Topic Suggestion

Get the topic suggestions for your future videos based on your genre of videos. For example, if you have an animation channel, then you will get a suggestion on the top trending topic in “animation” genre related to your YouTube channel. Also find other topics that are related to the one you searched for. This gives you more YouTube content ideas for your future video content.

Trend Analysis

There are chances when your content is famous in Canada, and you have no idea on how to maximize your existing viewer base from that particular country. Using Vidooly’s trend analysis tool, you can find out the trending videos from any country or category using simple filters. Applying YouTube content idea in these filters, you can find out the interest of people in the different emerging trends. If the trend has a high viewability and engagement, it is a good idea to make more content around it.

Trending topics
Trending Topics Cloud

Video Analysis – Meta Tag Suggestions

Meta tags are also another factor for your YouTube video to get discovered by users. While Entertainment, Music, Education, Comedy, Science & technology, etc. are the categories that YouTube defines, every video is also automatically tagged under a metadata by YouTube. This can be a treasure for creators to come up with new topic ideas for their new videos. If you have a creative block and are not sure what videos to make next, use this feature to get some interesting ideas.

The above-mentioned tool is meant for creators to find the trending topics and videos before they went viral. If your goal is to launch a YouTube channel and populate it with new videos on a regular basis, during the early phase of idea generation, you can develop a blueprint that outlines concepts for your first series of videos. For this, you can also look up the untouched territory of Wikipedia: Unusual articles that are a bit odd, whimsical, or something you would not expect to find in a world’s largest free encyclopedia.


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