Tips & TricksHow To Get Youtube Creator Academy Certification?

YouTube has an extensive certification program that many creators don’t know about. The main objective of this YouTube certification program is to educate individual YouTube creators and companies looking to grow their YouTube channel or help others in complete YouTube optimization. After completing this program, you will have the knowledge of best practices, platform strategies, monetization, content ID rules, and channel development techniques that will help you to find success on YouTube. The YouTube Creator Academy is has a pool of information regarding various courses.


Unlike Hubspot certification or Java SE 6 certification which is available for everyone, YouTube certification is only for eligible applicants. This is why there are few things that are necessary for you in order to become YouTube-certified.

Individual Certification

YouTube’s individual certification is for novice YouTube creators who are thinking of starting their own channel and build some content upon it. To be eligible for this, you must be eligible YouTube Partner or qualified Google advertising partner.


YouTube partner program is designed where YouTube selects its creators to share revenue with them. So, after you finish creating a brand new YouTube account through Gmail, and are ready with your content to upload on this new channel; only then you can sign up for an Individual Certification YouTube program.

In order to become a YouTube Partner, you must meet three basic requirements:

  • Create original videos
  • Have permission to use and monetize all audio and video content
  • Upload Regularly

Now that you are ready, here are the steps to be a YouTube partner.

  • Log into your channel,
  • On the L.H.S, CLICK –> Channel Settings
  • Then CLICK –> VERIFY button
  • You will be directed to an Account verification page. I.e.,

Select your country

  • Choose your six digits Verification Code via Call or Text options and CLICK –> Submit

You need to note that even with zero uploads, views, subs, you can become a YouTube partner. But, monetization needs videos, views, and content.

As with individual certification, a company certification is valid for 12 months from the date of issue.

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Company Certification

If you are working for a company like ours, that has sustained YouTube’s managed service business like channel management, video optimization & promotion, playlist management, monetization and ad campaign management or a Multi-Channel Network (MCN), then this certification is for you.

Also, if you represent a company, then 75% of your YouTube-focused employees  or at least 3 individuals must pass any one of the following four certifications

Channel Growth

Previously known as “Audience Growth,” this certification is the first phase of learning about YouTube channel optimization. With “Channel Growth YouTube Certification,” you can access channel and monetization performance leveraging knowledge of the YouTube ecosystem and platform strategies. This YouTube certification is meant for channel managers and YouTubers.

Topics covered:

  • Platform Overview
  • Channel Assessment
  • Channel Revenue
Content Strategy

This is metaphorically the second phase of your YouTube certification where you can learn to develop expert knowledge of branded content creation through content and programming frameworks, promotion, measurement, and partnerships with creators. This YouTube certification is meant for agencies, brand strategists as well as YouTubers who complete channel growth certification.

Topics covered:

  • Evolving marketing landscape
  • Defining a video content strategy
  • Creative treatments for video content
Asset Monetization

Scale and optimize the monetization of your assets with a deeper understanding of digital rights, advanced analytics, and complex claiming scenarios. This YouTube certification is meant for digital rights managers and legal lawyers.

Topics covered:

  • Asset optimization for revenue
  • Revenue analysis and reporting
  • Optimizing video distribution
  • Working with creators
Content Ownership

With content ownership, you can gain recognized proficiency in the use of CMS, copyrights, claims, and analytics. This YouTube certification is meant for YouTube partners with Content ID, business, and operations analysts.

Topics covered:

  • Copyright on YouTube
  • Business operations with CMS
  • Rights enforcement with Content ID

How to get YouTube Certification?

This certification requires ongoing compliance with all YouTube policies, including but not limited to the YouTube Terms of Service and Community Guidelines. If you fail to adhere to the guidelines outlined in the terms of service, you may have your YouTube Certified status revoked.

So, if you think you may be eligible and want to take the course then you can apply for the process here.


Apart from the vast amount of knowledge, you will get

  • YouTube Certified Badge
  • YouTube Certified G+ Community
  • YouTube Certified badge on LinkedIn

What happens if you fail YouTube Certification Exam?

For channel growth, you will be given 2 hours to complete 100 questions and have to score at least 75% to pass the exam. What happens if you get 74% or below?

Don’t panic! You can attempt the exam 1 more time (after some additional review of the course material of course.) And if you fail again, then wait for another 6 months to re-enrol.

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YouTube Creator Academy

If you are looking just for an advice, and are not looking to complete the YouTube certification then you can check YouTube Service Provider Directory and YouTube Creator Academy.

Also, you can check our blogs on important topics such as YouTube Optimization, Adsense, tips & tricks, recent YouTube, and other social media platforms updates, including our own product updates that scan thousands of videos data points per second to provide actionable insights for YouTubers, brands, and agencies. Also, for those keeping scores, both myself and our company Vidooly are certified.

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