ListsHow to Implement a Successful Social CRM strategy

Social media is immensely useful for businesses that want to forge and maintain strong, durable relationships with their customers, and yet a surprising number of organizations do not have a specific strategy in place to achieve this.

If you are without a social CRM strategy at the moment, or if you want to overhaul your current approach, here are some tips on the successful implementation of social media for the purposes of customer relationship management.

How to Implement a Successful Social CRM strategy

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1. Use a CRM platform with social features

First of all, in order to optimize your ability to keep your customers happy with social media, you must have the right kind of software on your side.

One of the main reasons why you need a social media CRM is that you can automatically track all sorts of interesting metrics relating to your customer base as a whole, as well as in terms of their behaviors, preferences and previous interactions- individually .

The upshot of this is that you can be far more bespoke in terms of the way you engage with customers on social platforms, as well as being quick to respond and efficient when dealing with questions and complaints.

2. Put the right people at the helm

Another significant yet frequently overlooked point about social CRM is that it can only be successful if the team members you place in charge are capable of meeting customer needs.

This comes down to recognizing that you actually need a number of different skills to steward a business’ social media presence well, so while focusing on marketing is partly important, you must also ensure that employees are well trained when it comes to providing support to those that need it. Staff training can help you to deliver the best experience to people who get in touch with your brand via social media.

3. Provide perks to followers

There are all sorts of ways to keep customers engaged on social media, and one of the main things you can do is to reward them for their decision to follow your accounts. This will not only help to drive more traffic to your site, but will also make it less likely that the customers will unfollow your pages in the future.

A common option for achieving this is to give out exclusive discounts and offers through your social channels, which should increase clicks and conversions and also spread your brand more broadly, especially if sharing your post is encouraged as part of the promotion.

4. Create a consistent tone without compromising the human touch

This is one of the toughest things to get right when it comes to social CRM, but your business should aim to have a unified brand voice across its social channels, while still allowing team members leeway to exhibit their unique ‘human-touch’ when communicating with customers through these portals.

Approachability should of course be at the top of the agenda, and people will really appreciate it if your social team is able to talk to them one-on-one, rather than it seeming like they are addressing a faceless organization whenever they get a reply.

5. List other contact options

While some customer needs can be met entirely via social media, others will need a different type of communication to resolve.

In this case, giving customers your contact info or offering to get in touch with them directly yourself is strategically sensible.

6. Do not engage with deliberately provocative posts

Companies can be subjected to trolling in much the same way as individuals using social media, and so knowing the difference between genuine customer grievances and posts that are designed with noting more than mischief in mind is necessary.

7. Be proactive & responsive

It is not enough to wait for customers to come to you on social media; you need to be willing to reach out to them rather than staying passive.

Monitoring for brand mentions and stepping in to resolve issues that arise is one of the best ways to go about this, and can also preserve your business’ reputation.

Lastly, if you find that your social CRM strategy is still imperfect, then use analytics data to pinpoint weaknesses and inform changes you make.

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