YouTuber InterviewsHow to increase your channel’s subscribers – Dre Baldwin

Pro Basketball trainer and YouTube celebrity, Dre Baldwin shares his proven success tips on how to increase your subscriber for your YouTube Channel.
Dre Baldwin5 years ago

When you talk about best online basketball training YouTube channels, Dre Baldwin is the first pit stop where one can progress from basics to the expert level. But, do you know that Dre Baldwin is also a successful marketer, marketing guru, and is an author of 5 books?  It’s often tough to get tips for channel optimization from a YouTube celeb with a successful sports training channel garnering more than 100 thousand subscribers and with 35 million plus views.

We are fortunate to have Dre Baldwin sharing some of his most successful tips that can transform your YouTube channel and attract new subscriptions and viewership. Do you know that creating compelling content to appease your viewers is the top most priority for the content creator? According to Dre, the most important basics are the ones that are not cliché but are the things we actually know but do not implement in our day to day lives.

So, click on this video and learn tips from a professional YouTuber if you want a successful YouTube channel.


Dre Baldwin

Dre Baldwin is an International Social Media expert, author, entrepreneur and business coach with a professional athlete background. Dre played professional basketball for 9 years. He has been blogging and publishing YouTube basketball & motivational videos since 2005. In 2009, Dre started posting new content daily to his YouTube channel, a discipline that continues to this day: He has published over 4,800 videos to YouTube, which have been viewed over 35 million times. Dre works with businesses and entrepreneurs on branding and marketing their businesses through dominating the internet. Dre has published 5 books, including "The Mental Handbook". Dre resides in South Florida.

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