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.Earning a living online is no more a new thing. We know popular influencers and celebrities who make money on Twitch & other platforms on the World Wide Web.

Twitch streamers nowadays make a living from paid subscriptions, bits, influencer marketing and donations. People make money on Twitch in various ways thus it has become a reliable platform for a lot of fans and gamers. how to make money on twitch

When you analyze a streamer’s channel properly, you will find a lot of sponsorship, affiliate advertisements, paid partnerships and much more. Some of these streamers add paid video ads to their streams just like we see in YouTube.

Professional gamers spend over 40 hours per week to ensure they are effective enough for their followers. Gaming added with sponsorship and prize amounts help streamers experiment on how to make money on Twitch.

Know How to Make Money on Twitch

Twitch affiliates: Earning at the lower level on the platform requires you to be a Twitch affiliate. In order to be one you need to have a minimum of 50 followers, stream for 8 hours in last 30 days, stream for seven days in the last 30 days and receive an average of 3 viewership on all streams.

As an affiliate you can earn money from paid subscriptions, make revenues by selling games and in-game items.

People can pay you bits on the platform therefore make sure you grow your audience. how to make money on twitch

Twitch partners: The best game streamers, broadcasters, sensations, personalities, teams and leagues are considered for the Twitch partners program. This program unlike the affiliate programs does not set any particular criteria for channels. Twitch evaluates the partner channel for its content, average concurrent viewership, schedule & frequency of streaming.

Twitch partners with channels that produce engaging content that can drive revenues, get most viewership, be entertaining. They look for organised streamers who would stream for at least three days in a week at a scheduled time.

If streamers can learn the skill on how to make money on twitch as a partner then they can receive a lot of additional benefits with the same.

The benefits of a Twitch partner are more than that of an affiliate
  • Earn by running commercials on the channel
  • Restrict access to video quality
  • Selecting ad viewing on/off for subscribers
  • Exclude subscribers from slow mode
  • Create custom subscriber only badge
  • Generate revenue through monthly subscriptions
  • Lock chat on channel for subscribers only

The bits are the lowest form of payments on the Twitch which can be earned by partners and affiliates both. These are donations from viewers who pay for them with amazon payments.

When viewers buy bit they are actually purchasing animated GIF’s to be used on the chatroom of your channel. For Twitch partners/affiliates the platform pays one cent for each Bit a viewer uses in your chatroom.

Video ads: Twitch partners have the facility to allow run ads on their streams. They can select the length and frequency of playing the video ad on the channel.

The revenue generated from these ads are to be shared with Twitch therefore more they make money on Twitch, more will be the payments. how to make money on twitch

Twitch pays a flat rate cost per mille i.e cost per 1000 views on the stream. The rate would vary depending on the market demand and season. Vacations and holidays are the best times to make more money for gaming companies. These companies would love to pay more during specific product launches too.

Some streamers give rewards/incentive to their subscribers by allowing ad free viewing provided they are getting sufficient extra subscribers to make up for the loss of ad viewing audience.

A twitch partner can choose to play the ad pre-roll, mid-roll or post-roll too.

Twitch donations: One can receive mini donations on Twitch in form of Bit or can add their accounts on sites like Patreon to accept donations.

As twitch would not support direct donations, you can create and set up your own Paypal link on third party websites. how to make money on twitch

In order to receive donations on sites like Patreon you need to create your profile on their site and link the same to Twitch and other social media channels.

Affiliate links: This is not same as the affiliate  program discussed above. Affiliate links are a magical way to make money on Twitch and here everyone benefits. Twitch gamers online can always sign up for the affiliate network and receive percentages of money that your fan spends on the company product.

In late 2017, Amazon added an affiliate marketing feature to the Twitch using which the streamers could showcase products as widgets. how to make money on twitch

Followers are redirected to the sale page relevant to ad on Amazon after they click on the sale widget on the page. The ad broadcaster receives a percentage of the revenue generated after follower makes a purchase on landing page.

In this method the Broadcaster, Amazon, seller and fan benefit hence making this a complete benefit for all. Twitch helps earn money in this way for all involved.

Selling games and in-game products: Twitch added an option for the partners recently where they can sell games and in-game items from their page thus getting a 5% share in the revenue.

While gaming you will come across games and in-game items that twitch allows to sell, a sales box appears indicating the same. how to make money on twitch

It is an automatic process and only if the viewer clicks and buys the product you receive the share on your channel.

The box may appear on pages of all streamers but only partners receive the share in revenue.

Sponsorships: Brands have discovered the relevancy Twitch has with gamers and gaming partners. That is how they know the value of sponsoring ads on the platform.

The platform has viewers who spend a lot of time viewing gaming content and following their streamers passionately. Audience on the platform are specific and are particular about their interests.

If a brand feels connected to the viewers of the streamer, then it makes sense in investing in the influencer marketing.

Every company investing on Twitch sponsorship marketing will have their own expectations. It can be ranging from doing the simplest acts to vigorous, frequent promotions by the streamer on their page.

Brands look for authentic work and content in return for their sponsorship money. Hence Twitch is a good place to make these deals.

Selling Merchandise: Streamers can sell their customised t-shirts, mugs, stationary items and other “fanboy/fangirl” stuffs on their page. Twitch allows its users to add links to their official online stores for the fans to make purchases. how to make money on twitch

Twitch t-shirt store invites partners to sell their merchandise on the page too for the fans and followers.

Learning the art on how to make money on Twitch can help a lot in doing great online business.

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