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We are now aware of how the rapid spread of COVID-19 has led to an intense rise in the number of people working from home as more and more organisations don’t want to risk the health & safety of their employees. In fact, working from home has now become a new reality in the corporate sector across the globe with major organisations like Google, Facebook, Amazon,Twitter, Amazon etc also going the remote way in order to reduce the spread of the infection.

So, you too are working from home and finding it hard to be productive?

Working from home can be challenging, you could struggle with loneliness, managing time and worst of all communication with your team and clients becomes a hassle. And it’s not just the business sector who’s stuck at home, educators from schools and universities too are working from home.

While all this may sound discouraging, you need to find a right balance in managing work and home and develop a strategy that works for you.

Here are the best ways to make your Work from Home more productive (through mental & physical tips and technological tools) during the COVID-19 pandemic.

1. Take care of yourself: Okay, so the first step to be more attentive & productive during this situation is to make sure you don’t neglect your physical and mental health. With new COVID19 cases being reported every hour, it is natural to feel anxious and lose focus. So meditate when you wake up, keep yourself hydrated, exercise, eat right or do whatever works for you. You need to make sure your mind and body are in the right place to carry on with the day.

2. Set up your workspace at home: Home always gives you a relaxed feeling, doesn’t it? But now that you have to work in your comfort space, it affects productivity. It is recommended to have a separate workspace in your house that boosts your work mood. Also, wearing your PJs or sweat pants won’t help you either, so dress up like you would usually do at work. Set up your gadgets like laptop, mobile, headphones etc that you might need. Replicate your office workstation at home so that you feel like you are in an office while being in the company of your loved ones.

3. Make a to-do list for each day: Like in your office, you need to set up a To-do list which would separate your work tasks and your personal tasks for the day. This way you will know when to focus on what and keep things organized. There are plenty of tools for this, one such tool is Todoist, which helps you to organize and set reminders on tasks that you need to do in order to make a complete plan. You may also use Google Calendar or Tracer.

4. Improving Communication: Now that you and your colleagues aren’t physically present in one place, communication can become even more important than before. Sending everything on email just won’t work, you need to be overly communicative. Group and individual chats like Google Hangout are mildly effective in communicating. Using platforms like Slack would help you and your organization in managing thousands of emails on a daily basis and keep a track of the conversations and progress of everyone.

Another effective way of communicating and coordinating is through Fluvid, which is a video communication tool that instantly allows you to capture your screen and record a video at the same time. Video communication is 6X more effective than written communication. Using Fluvid you can simply record your message to a group or individual and share it instantly for them to see. Whether you are a coder, designer, educator, salesperson or business owner, your life just becomes easy with faster communication through video. You can explain new projects to team members, give product demos to potential clients, review codes, explain new tasks assigned, share knowledge with your students and the possibilities are endless because anything can happen over video.

The tool is a much more comfortable form of video communication as it is easy to use and allows you to edit the videos too. Also, sending video messages gives a more personal touch and connection for the person, the message is intended to when compared with textual messages.

5. Managing team: With many organisations allowing over hundreds of their employees to work from home, it does become a major challenge to manage a team of such a large scale and for everyone to be in sync with each other in order to understand what tasks are being assigned & to whom. Firstly, you need to keep a track of all the members of a team and be in regular touch with them and secondly since you cant see them on a regular basis as you would have in your office, you need to make sure they are aware of the tasks assigned.

There are plenty of Project Management tools out there that help organizations to keep a track of the team members and the progress of each individual’s tasks. One such platform is JIRA, which is project tracking and reporting software that helps team leaders and managers to measure performance, assign work, track issues and design workflows etc. Another platform that can help is Asana, a project management tool that works well for remotely located teams.

Stay Safe and at the same time Stay Productive with Work from Home

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