AdvertisingHow To Make Your Social Media Advertising Budget Worthy

Carmen Lyu3 years ago

Have you ever been excited about the excellent advertisements on social media platforms? Are you curious about why they get so many followers? Marketers strongly believe the content itself is the soul of a successful advertising. However, when we shift the traditional advertising channels to social media networking, the content may not be the only concern anymore.

The social media platform you choose and the advertising strategies are the keys to get your ads noticed. Let’s see the most particle tactics to make your every spend worthy.

Maintain features of different social media platforms

Before you start a social media advertising plan, you should clearly know the features of different platforms so as to choose the proper ones and edit or post content according to those features. Here are some basic features of some main platforms:

– Facebook

Facebook advertisements contains lots of formats such as photo, video, carousel, slideshow, collection, messenger and etc. Thus you could choose the proper ones and present content in relevant formats. And this platform could be an ideal place for both B2B and B2C advertisements as large numbers of users may become the potential customers.

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– LinkedIn

Users on LinkedIn own the features of their work. B2B advertisements may get a good result on this platform. In order to make your advertisement spread widely and bring traffic to your websites, the content need to meet the requirements of those industry leaders.

– Twitter

Twitter is appropriate for the new product announcement with various formats. Such advertisement will attract new followers for the products. Another feature is about users’ country, the users mainly come from the US, Japan, the UK, Turkey and so on. If your target customers are from those counties, you could choose Twitter.

– Pinterest

Photos are very popular on Pinterest. So the content could be interesting pictures. And if you wish to sell your products immediately, you can pay for your advertisement on Pinterest and blend it with other pins.

If you’re hesitating about the platforms you could get started with, a group of professional social media advertising experts would help you customize your marketing plan, and accomplish a solid end result.

Test before the formal advertising

Before advertising on social media platforms, it will be smart to test. For example, you can test the content which is for paid advertising spots in some free spots. The results will show if your content is welcomed by audience. What’s more, you can also test among a small amount of audience, which will also help you predict the result and make the modification.

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Design mobile-friendly advertisement

It is obvious that people are getting used to visiting social media platforms through mobile devices. Therefore, both the format and edition of the advertisement should be friendly for the mobile users. Researching demand of those users may make you promote your products and brands successfully.

Repeatedly advertising

Actually, it may be boring to advertise the same content for several times on one channel. But it may make the audience remember your advertisement easily. For instance, you must remember the advertisements on the bus you take every day although you may not appreciate them. As for audience on the social media platforms, they are more familiar with those brands or products which appear repeatedly. So if you are confident about your brand or products, just repeatedly advertising.

Pay for both advertisement and search results

When people search some keywords on social media platforms, some advertisements may appear with a priority ranking. It’s necessary to buy some search result ranking to attract more audience. Additionally, the users are likely to become your customers as their demand is closely related to your advertisement.

Social media advertising is not so easy, except for utilizing the above mentioned tips. You will find more from your own experience.


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