Snap Map is a very interesting Snapchat feature which is already used by millions of user worldwide. This feature basically allows you to share your location and start discovering Stories from around the world. Now, this simple feature has been upgraded which will now act as your personal tour guide by automatically notifying and updating you on whatever is happening around you.

In order to get started with it, all you need to do is tap on “New Updates” and it will generate updates from your friends whenever they do activities like visit a major attraction, an airport of a big event. Basically, it updates you on anything that is location related.

This Snap Map feature is opt-in only and only if you choose to give your location, you’ll appear on Snap Map otherwise not. So for those who have never visited Snap Map and are in the “Ghost Mode”, they will never appear on this feature. The feature is very simple to use as by just a tap you can start a conversation with friends on Snap Map.

When it comes to exploring on Snap Map, it is not only restricted to what your friends are up to. It also gives you updates on breaking news, events and trends happening in your vicinity. Also, the feature will show Explore updates for collaborative Our Story snaps as well. This Explore feature will be available to all Snapchat users in a coming few weeks.

For those who haven’t used Snap Map just yet don’t worry, Snapchat will take you through an onboarding process and only then you will appear on the Map. Go get started!