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No one will argue that the right social media strategy can make or break your business. Healthcare is definitely not excluded from this. In an ever changing world where there are plenty, competition is steep and there is a wide target audience to win over- social media is proving to be a key deciding factor for healthcare brands from hospitals, medical service providers, health insurance companies, pharmaceuticals…so on and so forth. 

Today, let’s find out some tips and tricks on how to build a comprehensive social media strategy for healthcare which will help you to take your brand to the next level and achieve the right and relevant engagement.

1. Choose the right media mix:

The first step for any media strategy is of course the ‘media mix’. So that has to be thought through very carefully. Different social media platforms provide different push for your brand- if you want to create a lot of knowledge-based audio visuals from your brand then Facebook and YouTube will be the automatic choice. However, if social media listening and opinion formation is your target then Twitter will be your best bet. Most leading healthcare brands are present in all or most social media platforms but they set different goals for each of these.

2. The three ‘C’s for social media strategy:

Consistency: In all your efforts you have to be consistent. If your plan is to put out 2 posts every week, then that target has to be met. Proper and advance planning always help in this regard.

Clarity: The content that is being developed must be clear, concise and relevant to your specific target groups. You must clearly decide what is the purpose you’re trying to achieve through your communication.

Content: Content is the most important pillar of your strategy as the whole communication depends on what content you’re developing. Content should be varied- catering to different target groups on different platforms. It should also serve a predetermined purpose- engagement, brand awareness, knowledge development etc. The tone of your content is equally important.

3. Correct information:

Use your social media platforms to channelize only factually correct information and also to fight misinformation. In that process your brand equity will increase and your target audience will depend on your social media pages more and more. Look at how Apollo Hospital has posted their blog on Covid myths:

You can also look at sharing information from valid resources if you do not own such information.

4. Social media for crisis management:

Since most people turn to social media when any kind of crisis occurs, it can be your best bet to share information, updates, resources etc. A CNBC report states how people in India turned to social media for information during the Covid crisis.

So posts with relevant hashtags can generate phenomenal engagement during crisis management communication and help save lives when it matters the most. Some points that you must keep in mind while relaying crisis management response are

–     information must be correct and gathered from trusted resources

  • the more real-time data can be provided the better
  • the tone of the communication must be right as otherwise aggravate the situation further
  • quick response team should be set up to engage with the audience who may be reaching out 
  • If you’re responding to a complaint, make sure you update the status or let people know when it is resolved. This will surely increase your brand equity.

5. Social Media Listening:

An effective social media strategy should entail a thorough social media listening plan. Most brands try to meet that target by following focussed hashtags, brand mentions, if someone tags the brand or asks any questions but this can even be extended by following competitors’ names, key executives’ names and also by creating polls and question & answers.  

6. Social media for events and updates: 

Social media is perfect when you want to share an update, important news or even organize a digital event. Be it a new brunch that is opening, a new doctor joining your team or a knowledge sharing session on health insurance, your social media platforms can help you at every step.  

Check out how Apollo hospitals had organized their event and shared the updates on their Facebook page.[%7B%22surface%22%3A%22page%22%7D]%7D

Live events also attract a lot of engagement. If you want to create a pre-recorded live event, screen recording tolls like Fluvid can come handy too.  

7. Testimonials:

Social media is a powerful tool when it comes to building trust of your clients and increasing your brand equity. No wonder a lot of healthcare brands take their social handles to showcase their happy customers. Here’s how Fortis Healthcare carries out their testimonial campaign

8. Lives, stories and reels:

These are great to increase your social media engagement and connect better with your audience. Regular interactive lives on various facilities, knowledge-sharing etc. can go a long way. Creating reels and stories are also going to increase your reach and help you grow your follower base.

9. Social media for customer acquisition:

You can also use your social media handles to convert your prospects. Checkout how Fortis Healthcare has integrated their website with their Facebook page from where their clients can directly book an appointment.

Various other healthcare companies use their social media to generate leads- by live chat, paid and organic campaigns.  

10. Start a trend or contest:

To grow a loyal follower base you also start a social media trend or a challenge that many will follow and post in their social media. Remember the ice bucket challenge? Many brands have successfully designed and implemented such trends. Let’s look at #MonsoonMantra campaign by Fortis Healthcare which helped them gain more than 2.5k new followers on Twitter.

As we saw there are so many ways you can unitize the immense power that social media has in store for you- from brand awareness, customer acquisition, reputation and crisis management- there’s a lot you can do. With the right strategy, various tools and constant efforts, you will reap the benefits soon enough.   

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