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With a steady growth over the years, Podcasts are all over the world.

There are over half a million active podcasts being consumed by a gradually expanding market worldwide.

As millions of episodes get aired regularly in 100 different languages, Pod catchers are refining their programs and developing advanced tech to match the demands.

If you discuss with podcast hosts and companies releasing episodes on how to promote a podcast, then you’d know that marketing is the toughest part of it.

Survey reports and studies have summarised the overall podcast performances and concluded that iTunes is a major platform for its growth apart from the other brands in market.

Make your podcast visible

We have seen amazing content creators and podcasting rookies who release great stuff before abruptly pod fading. Dedicated listeners are left with no updates or episodes and the company shuts or moves to fresher projects.

Have you ever wondered why this happens at all in the first place?

Well, if you are aspiring to launch your episodes then you must know promoting these is one big tough task.

how to promote a podcast

There is nothing to discourage here because proper strategizing and planning can save the day for you, your podcast, pod catchers and your listeners.

It is important to know how to promote a podcast in order to keep the work continuing at steady pace. Gathering audiences is difficult but the sole supporter of your work, probably it’s the decider point whether you should continue podcasting or not.

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Let’s Learn Top 8 strategies to promote a podcast

  1. Leverage the audiences of your guests

Interviews and talk show recordings with top celebrities, public figures can be promoted easily through respective guest’s audience channels.

Drop in a smart snippet, quote creative, interactive Gifs through an email to your guests while launching the episode. Request them for a shout out on their social media pages and handles to grab more attention of their fans.

how to promote a podcast

You can send links, best quotes from interviews, short notes and pre optimised & written status uploads to your guests. It will make the request look more doable, less time consuming and digestible over social media.

Go on and mail them smartly to begin with gathering audiences and experimenting mentioned strategies on how to promote a podcast.

  1. Practise proper Search engine optimization

Google recognizes pages with strong keyword density and content. Unfortunately, it does not read audio files hence, even if the podcast has valuable information for the audience it will not be visible.

Podcast episodes might not affect the google rankings until they are documented somewhere. As we learn to promote a podcast it is important to note that while launching one episode, it needs to be transcribed to be noted by the search engine.

how to promote a podcast

To make sure you get the right listeners for your podcast make sure you write an article and publish the same on your website or blog. This move is convenient and effective because no one can take your domain moreover, the whole content is under your control.

The podcast transcription in form of a blog would assist in Google ranking improvement which can easily drive traffic towards the episode.

  1. Know how to promote a podcast on social media

Marketing these days is incomplete without digital platforms and social media is the key to more targeted audience, traffic and promotions.

Yes, we agree that social media comes along with a lot of risk but the results are worth hustling for. You can share sound bites, podcast highlights, quotes and more creative stuffs on your twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts for more popularity.

how to promote a podcast

Share the episode teaser, pin the iTunes link on your bios and top feed, create stories & IGTVs for the podcast to ensure maximum visibility along with reach.

Develop Canva pictures, short clips and creatives to engage audience as well as developing a sense of excitement amongst all.

Social media is great place to promote a podcast and be easily seen by the right audience of any particular niche.

  1. Convert podcast into a YouTube video

One of the best ways to promote a podcast is to repurpose its content and maintain right SEO for more traffic.

You can convert the podcast into a video and upload it over platforms or use it on live streams over Facebook and Instagram too.

Such conversions can be used in social media sharing with end captions, meta descriptions, alt texts and more.

how to promote a podcast

It comes with the best SEO benefits which can help improve ranking and visibility online. The content repurposing is an effective marketing strategy that yields more profit out of limited efforts.

  1. Greet and collaborate with top Podcatchers and aggregators

Simple apps that help playing or streaming your podcasts live and basic are labelled as Podcatchers. Apart from Apple’s iTunes there are several other podcatchers and aggregators that support in popularizing your podcast.

how to promote a podcast

TuneIn, Castro, Clementine, bello collective and overcast are some of the popular podcast downloaders that can stream your content easily.

You can try out all the service providers by being available on iTunes for more impactful result and easy experience.

  1. Run a giveaway contest for your audience

What can be more attractive than a freebie? Well this is one of the smartest way to increase engagements and get noticed at iTunes. You can ask for a review or reaction on the podcast as an entry to the contest for the fans and listeners.

It will rise the social media presence of the podcast and help make it reach to the extremes of audiences.

how to promote a podcast

Contests can be easily managed by making sure that the giveaway has easy rules and is doable by the audience. The contest can ensure that the participants share the link on their channels and ensure proper tags on it.

Above all, giveaways provide a sense of exclusivity to the participants therefore you can gain some real loyal listeners who’d support you well.

  1. Tag the brands and mention Influencers

Yes, this works just like it did to the content on blogs and websites.

So if there is mentioning of any popular brand, company or celebrity in your podcast make sure to mention them correctly.

Usually we get return mentions and traffic flows in to our channels. Same works for the podcasts. The brand or celebrity might just reply back on the same, retweet the link or give a whole new shout out sometime.

Drop in a mail to concerned business and brand if there is any connection that can be established on podcasts. It surely helps improve certain facts and figures about your site or channel.

  1. Provide backlinks to old podcasts

To know how to promote a podcast is easy but to apply the plans might be slightly tough as there are separate risks associated with it. You can apply some strategies that you use for content marketing for you podcasts as well.

how to promote a podcast

You can promote the old podcasts in your new launches to drive traffic towards it provided there is a possible relevancy between both.

It is another way of repurposing content on the podcasts to make sure it gets most reviews to be noticed on iTunes.

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