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When it comes to social media marketing, the power and popularity of Twitter is a well-known fact, with around 67% of all B2B businesses using Twitter as a digital marketing tool. With over 330 million monthly active users and over 500 million tweets sent on the platform each day, Twitter is now a dominating social platform for marketers and businesses to not only boost traffic or establish brand awareness but also generate leads and increase sales. For the same we have bought to you a guide on How to Schedule Tweets on Twitter to Get Maximum Engagement.

Today, the brand-customer relationship has grown from unidirectional to bi-directional, and even multi-direction which simply means that brand messaging is now more interactive and engaging with consumers being well-equipped to react, respond and interact with your brand.

Twitter is one of the most heavily monitored social network sites in the world and with a battle to draw maximum attention through 280 characters or less, marketing on Twitter is not a walk in the park. It requires regularity and a lot of exposure on Twitter to gain maximum engagements and make your tweet stand out.

Engagement on Twitter depends on:

  • Impressions: number of people who have seen the post
  • Engagements: clicks, replies, follows, retweets, favorites
  • Engagement rate: engagement per impressions

Engagement on How to Schedule Tweets on Twitter

To maximize marketing efforts and to reach a wider audience and gain optimum engagements, one needs to remain highly active on Twitter and also posting tweets at the best time of the day matters a lot. But what if you are highly busy with other commitments or not sure of the best time to post on Twitter? This is where scheduling tweets on Twitter comes in picture.

Strategically planning and composing tweets ahead of time using an app or tool has many added advantages over manually tweeting it every time, such as,

  1. Saves time and keeps you productive – Switching between work activities dramatically affects your productivity. When you schedule your tweets, you get to completely disengage from Twitter and move on to other marketing activities.
  2. Ensures consistency and quality – When you plan in advance, you have enough time to analyze the content before tweeting and the chance to go back and edit necessary changes. When you are planning an important campaign and loaded with work pressure, scheduling tweets in advance to be posted at chosen times can be a significant relief.
  3. Reach a wider audience and boost traffic – Tweeting at different times of the day can help you reach out to international and regional audiences located in different time zones. By scheduling, you can share posts beyond work hours to gain maximum engagements and traffic to your post.

Now,  let us walk through various available tools and apps to let you know How to schedule tweets and increase social media engagements in 2019

1. Twuffer

twuffer tool for How to Schedule Tweets on Twitter

Twuffer scheduler has a simple interface and requires no credit card information to access its free version. All you need is your Twitter account to sign up. Twuffer supports scheduling for only Twitter and scheduling content on multiple social platforms is not possible.

The free version offers 50 scheduled tweets per month with the ability to share links and upload images directly

The paid plan allows unlimited scheduled tweets, direct image upload and link sharing, multiple twitter usernames under one account, and the ability to upload spreadsheets. API access and notification feature will be rolled out in coming weeks

Price: Free ($5.99 per month)

2. TweetDeck

tweetdeck tool for How to Schedule Tweets on Twitter

TweetDeck is a customizable tool to manage an unlimited number of Twitter accounts, mute words or users, manage hashtags, lists, mentions, and more. You can schedule your tweets to send at a later time. Since being integrated with Twitter, it works seamlessly to manage your Twitter accounts

Earlier, TweetDeck app users could manage Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and FourSquare account, but after getting acquired by Twitter, the apps have been withdrawn, and it now supports only Twitter in a web browser

Price: Free

3. SocialOomph

socialoomph tool for How to Schedule Tweets on Twitter

Previously known as TweetLater, SocialOomph is a powerful scheduling tool with a simple interface. The tool allows automatic DM, auto-following of new followers, purger tweets and DMs, auto unfollow, and scheduling of tweets over a month.

The free plan offers unlimited scheduled posts with a maximum of three posts per hour, other free supports and other features.

Price: Free to $55 per month plans

4. Twittimer

twittimer tool for How to Schedule Tweets on Twitter

Twittimer offers post scheduling not only on Twitter but also on Facebook and LinkedIn. With Twittimer, you can schedule posts for later publishing, share photos and videos, shorten links with BITLY or GOO.GL, upload CSV, and archive messages.

The free plan lets you schedule up to 10 posts, while the Pro and Business plans respectively offer more than 500 and 1000 scheduled posts with added functionalities such as RSS feeds and multiple social accounts.

Price: Free to $19.99 per month

5. Buffer

buffer tool for How to Schedule Tweets on Twitter

Buffer’s free version lets you connect up to three social accounts from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn, and schedule 10 posts, which means at any one time, you can store a maximum of 10 posts in a queue.

The best part about Buffer is the Buffer Browser Extension which makes content sharing lot easy by just opening the composer on any web page and adding posts directly to the Queue instead of scheduling from within Buffer.

Price: Free to $399

6. Hootsuite

hootsuite tool for How to Schedule Tweets on Twitter

With Hootsuite, social media scheduling is available across Twitter, LikedIn, Facebook, and Instagram. It offers functionalities like bulk uploading and scheduling of social media posts, the ability to see follower feed and mentions and more.

hootlet tool for How to Schedule Tweets on Twitter

With Hootlet, a free chrome extension of Hootsuite, you can schedule your content directly from the browser.

Price: Free Trial to $599

Pro tips to boost Twitter engagements in 2019
  • Be active on Twitter but not too intense as loading someone’s feed with tweets may actually hamper your engagements. The optimal tweet count in a day is one to 4 tweets a day. It’s always a good practice to analyze when your audience is most active and then scheduling at that time.
  • Shorter tweets have higher engagements. While the average tweet length is below 50 characters, tweets with around 110 characters get 17% more engagements and retweets.
  • Include videos and photos in your posts rather than being only text-based as tweets with pictures and videos have higher engagement rates and retweets.
  • Use conversational, precise and purposeful hashtags in your tweets.
  • Link tweets have 86% more retweets as Twitter interactions happen when someone clicks a link.
  • Be more conversational and join discussions happening around your tweet or its subject.

Now when you know how to schedule tweets, remember to pay attention to it rather than leaving it all behind. This is important because your tweets may be insensitive in a time of crisis or tragedy and not pausing or deleting the scheduled post may lead you or your brand into an embarrassing situation. Before scheduling posts on Twitter, plan and create an effective marketing strategy based on your brand and targeted audience.

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