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Videos and pictures seem to be the format of the day. The democratization of photography and videography means almost anyone can take a picture and use it in their social media campaigns. Even user-generated content is a great way to populate a social media account.

However difficult the written word might seem, there exist several solid tips and pieces of advice which can make writing posts much easier. In this article, we’ll cover some of these tips and explain why writing is still so important for a successful social media campaign. We won’t make you a professional essay writer in this article, but we’ll push you on the way to being one. 

1. Write for the right platform

Which social media is your post going to? Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn? Understanding the expectations of each is going to help a lot in determining how you write your post. 

Twitter is an obvious example – it’s whole USP is the character limit. Of course, people will get around this by producing Twitter threads, or by including a picture of a longer piece of writing. Remember: the core purpose of social media is to share links. It acts as a way of spreading information, and the whole score doesn’t need laying out on something like Twitter or Facebook – the latter can be gateways to a website that contains more information.

2. Use the best practices

Each site has its own set of quirks. When writing for Facebook, for instance, an image is crucial. It isn’t essential, but the design of the timeline favors posts that include visual media. Contrast this with Twitter that has a very clunky set up for viewing images – they are often cropped badly and one can find it difficult to read images posted on that site.

For Instagram users, there is the caption which is 2,200 characters long, though anything after the 125th character gets hidden behind the triple dots. If you’re working with tags, put these at the bottom so they don’t appear. No one likes to see a massive amount of hashtags – this hints at a desperate page that’s got spammy inclinations, and that is the worst outcome for anyone working in digital marketing.

3. Use hashtags

Ok, so we just mentioned hashtags are lame. But they’re also a place for gathering and finding stories. The crucial thing about a hashtag is to not make it stand out unless you want it to stand out, either as a joke or as a signifier for a competition or some other participatory game. Writing text on social media is all well and good, but without a solid hashtag to ‘tag’ along with, it can disappear beneath the waves of posts rather quickly.

4. Use your authenticity

Writing is hard, and blog writing can come across as quite cringe at times. The constant stream of information required by the digital economy tends towards quantity rather than quality. To avoid this, try and write from your heart. Don’t worry too much about crafting the perfect essay since there’s no perfect content. Instead, if you write what you know, and write in your voice, you can start building a following.

One tip for this is to keep things short at the start of your writing practice. Don’t try to pen anything over 1,000 words until you’ve mastered writing solid paragraphs of 50 or 100 words. Brevity is the soul of wit, so keep it brief.

5. Hire an editor

Editors can prevent posts from turning into dissertation-length pieces, and they can also spot inconsistencies and aberrations you may have missed during the flurry of typing. In this way, an editor allows you to write freely, knowing that someone else will call you out on the mistakes.

If you plan on producing a lot of posts for social media, an editor is essential. If you are just dabbling, then try something like Grammarly or Grammarly Premium.

6. Think of evergreen trees

Poetic thinking can help find that creative spark. Evergreen posts are the ones which will come around every year. Christmas, Easter, New Year, summer, autumn, and all those big-ticket times of the year that people love to get in a hullabaloo about; write such posts, and they will be your faithful friends for years to come. 

All in all, attractive writing is where social media is heading right now. With the emphasis on visual and audio content, writing can be a way to differentiate your brand. It’s also vital to make your posts attractive to Google too, but that’s a topic for another day.

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