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Akshay Chandra5 years ago

It’s a nightmare for new bloggers and YouTube content creators to crawl their latest posts instantly as google takes usually several days for a successful request to be granted. So, how to submit your blog post to search engines like Google?

When you publish a new blog post or a YouTube video in general, there are many factors that determine how quickly it will be indexed or discovered by Googlebot. To increase the discoverability of your new blogs, you can use simple SEO practices like

  • Creating a Sitemap and then submit the Sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools.
  • Submit your blog post URL to Google Webmaster Tools
  • Authenticate Google Analytics to your WordPress blog and create filters that measure the analytics of your blog in much detailed manner.
  • Create or Update your blogs or products Social Profiles and embed on landing pages, blog footer, headers.
  • Create Off-site Content for SEO to increase your backlinks.

But, without making your blog visible on google search, one cannot implement above methods. Also, if you submit your blog or a YouTube video through FETCH method in Google Webmaster Tools, it will take at least 6 or 7 days for GoogleBot to crawl and index your new blog post.

This is where submitting your blog post to blog directories will help you the most.

Using Blog directories, your blog will be exposed to a completely new audience, you will get highly targeted traffic, and your blog will be generating a good number of backlinks for your blog.

Example –

  • Create a new blog post –> Copy the URL à paste and search on Google.
  • You will notice that Google is not indexing your new WordPress blog post.

As your blog title is unique along with its URL, your blog should be discoverable when you search your URL or Blog title. Usually, this process will take several days to process.

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Blog Directories

Although there are many pinging directories, Pingomatic, Pingfarm, and Pingmyurl are the tree pinging websites, we are going to use in a step by step process.

Step 1 – Pingomatic


This service will tell all the search engines, it’s going to notify them that your video has just been published and that they should start indexing your blog or YouTube video on their search engines so that people can find it and normally.

  • Enter your blog title in “BLOG NAME”
  • Enter the URL of the blog you just created.
  • Select all the “Services to Ping”.
  • CLICK –> Send pings –> Step 1 Done

STEP 2 – Pingfarm 


It is also a service which notifies Search Engines that your blog or website has been updated.

  • Copy and paste your new Blog URL
  • CLICK –> Mass Ping –> STEP 2 is DONE.

STEP 3 – Pingmyurl

It is the service where you will prompt Googlebot to search the results of your URL across multiple services and locations.

  • Enter Website URL (
  • Click “Search Now”
  • Wait for the search to complete.

Now, repeat the process to search your blog using your URL and TITLE we tested before submitting the URL to directories. You will be able to find your newly created blog on google search without even using Google FETCH or waiting for Google to crawl your website.

How to use your WordPress to submit your blog to Blog Directories –

This is the GOLD URL list that I fetched from “Shoutmeloud’s” Blog. Do visit their website for obtaining the Reciprocal link URLS which I did not include in this blog post. The LIST of URL’s below are the websites where you can directly submit your blog using WordPress.

Go to “Settings” in your WordPress Dashboard.

  • CLICK –> Writing
  • Go to –> Update Services
  • Copy and paste the list –> Save Changes


Akshay Chandra

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