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According to Action News – a local television news program from Philadelphia; many moms and dads started noticing what their kids were watching on the children’s version of YouTube was hardly appropriate for innocent, young eyes.

A week ago, various huge name publicists and advertisers suspended their promotions and advertisements on YouTube and the prior week in the wake of finding their advertisements were profiting for recordings containing hate speech and terrorism. Google has reacted by promising more noteworthy straightforwardness and saying it will be more forceful in guaranteeing the brand wellbeing of advertising situations.

Clearly, even on YouTube Kids’ app, recordings of famous kid’s videos like Peppa Pig, Mickey Mouse, Doc McStuffins and so forth are being distorted and turned, and sneaking into children’s recommended videos.

The BBC as of late revealed many “fake” children’s videos coursing on YouTube – where the shouting characters are infused with syringes, set ablaze, eaten by gators, zombies, sexual scenes, hypodermic needles – all things you wouldn’t expect on the kid’s app, which should screen the offensive videos for the under 18 setting.

So what you can do?

Turn on the restricted mode!

Restricted Mode is an optional setting that you can use to help filter out possibly adult or mature content that you may not desire to see or not need others in your family to see.

Make sure your YouTube Kids’ app is in restricted mode and flag any videos that are inappropriate.

Read more on how to turn on restricted mode on YouTube Kids App in our following blog on the new YouTube kids App launched in India.

To turn on restricted mode on YouTube browser,

  • Scroll to the bottom of any YouTube page and click the Restricted Mode drop-down menu.
  • Select On or Off.
  • Click Save.
Turn on the restricted mode
Turn on the restricted mode

Above all, control the app settings of your YouTube kid’s app, and always turn on the restricted mode on YouTube browsers for your kid’s safe search. YouTube says as frequently as it removes content, disturbing content can still sneak in.

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